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 20/20 Auto Gallery

20/20 Auto Gallery is an suitable ASP script for implementing an ecommerce system to sell vehicles dynamically. Supports unlimited forms to manage dealers, car owners, buyers and sponsors individually. Allows anyone to search products with many options such as keywords, category name, used / new vehicle, etc., Brouchers can be created to display all available products with emailing facility. Skins and layouts can be modified to present the products in a way to attract your customers.
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 Online Showroom

This program is driven using ASP programming that offers facilities for automobile agents to sell their products. Showroom module allows you to add as many vehicles with detailed data and images. Deleting and editing vehicles can be done via admin interface. Upto 4 images can be shown for each vehicle. All web content can be maintained through database tools.
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 VIN decoders

VIN decoders is a simple and useful program that offers customizable solutions for the users in extracting vehicle details from VIN numbers. This program employs the advanced SOAP technology for decoding the numbers and all extracted details are provided either as XML files or text files. Every essential data for the vehicles particularly the vehicle type, bodystyle, the name of the client along with their code, the maker, the model etc., can be decoded through this program.
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 20 20 Auto Gallery

20/20 Auto Gallery is a full featured web site add-in which allows you to control your inventory of vehicles online through easy-to-use forms and web pages. This system was designed for use on many different web sites: New or Used Car Dealers Vehicle Appraisal Organizations Car Clubs and Collectors Farm Machinery and Heavy Equipment Dealers and more...20/20 Auto Gallery is versatile and may be a useful tool for any auto organization. 20/20 Auto Gallery provides you with the ability to manage a database of vehicles using powerful forms that are easy to use and also provides web site visitors with the ability to browse or search your database through attractive, customizable web pages. Whether you're a seasoned computer veteran or a new user, we are certain you will find 20/20 Auto Gallery affordable, simple, and a powerful addition to your growing web site! 20/20 Auto Gallery provides car dealers, car collectors, even marine and RV sales agencies with the ability to add vehicles to their web site using powerful forms that are easy to use and provides web site visitors with the ability to browse or search those vehicles through attractive, customizable web pages. The company focuses on creating and marketing web-based database applications using standard web design languages with Microsoft's Active Server Pages and Visual Basic Script (VBScript) technologies. With affiliated organizations, 20/20 Applications also offers other web-related services such as graphic design, web site design, web site hosting, database design, and digital-panoramic photography.
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This program enables selling and buying of vehicles through the internet. Admin can use this tool for their dealers or individual sales person to produce an instant vehicle listing without any technical knowledge. Individual dealers or sales men can generate lists including title, quantity, link, engine capacity, type, price, year, drive, engine, edition etc., and can post upto 5 images with each vehicle. This program has an enhanced features including searching by keywords, make, type, browse categories etc., for the benefit of the visitors. Visitors can have the facilities to forward their favourite ads to their friends and to use its finance calculator. Admin can take control over every aspect of this program including searching for visitors keywords, adding, removing and modifying the visitors, deciding how many listing have to be distributed to the dealers etc.,
Tags: tool , program , control , images , finance , generate , sales , ads , browse , engine , instant , removing , vehicle , technical , lists , post , forward , searching , for , features , edition , friends , listing , vehicles ,

 DWD Car Rental

DWD Car Rental is an useful program for ASP based websites to include an online system for car rental. Companies can list their auto vehicles with required detail like color, price, year, etc., via user friendly forms. Search functionality is helpful for everyone to find desired item. Admin panel is powered to manage both user and product profiles unlimitely.
Tags: program , online , system , find , list , manage , auto , car , user , product , rental , websites , for , useful , vehicles ,

 Dealer Site

Dealer Site is mostly helpful for the private sellers and dealers to sell vehicles through PHP supported network based systems. They can include vehicle , parts, accessories details to be sold through web based forms. Both private owners and dealers can register their accounts via admin panel. Search engine helps visitors to look for desired vehicles with existing database.
Tags: web , network , admin , private , engine , accounts , vehicle , for , register , webbased , sell , vehicles ,

 ELot Automotive Dealership Web Services

This hosted dealership application lets you run your auto vehicles business by easier means of functions. Any number of listings can be included and a search engine helps to find required vehicles. Each listing can be displayed with color pictures. Powerful ad publishing tools helps to create and display many ads. Online catalog provides all detailed info about each listing and supports auto-search functions.
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 Xodus e-Autosale

Xodus has designed e-Autosale, an online autosale system, which is equally suitable for new dealers and for those who are already in the business and want to expand the market via the internet. It is based on Access 2000 or SQL database. It enables the salesman to add unlimited number of customers to the database, add and edit unlimited number of vehicles, validate registrations made by the customers, send email to customers through a mailing list. The customers can use an advanced search facility, register their vehicles on the database, ask about a specific vehicle and lots more.
Tags: email , search , online , business , edit , send , mailing , 2000 , advanced , number , market , vehicle , validate , for , customers , register , vehicles ,

 Auto Showcase

This is an ASP coded program with which you can handle automobile dealership through in-built features. Templates help customers to view gallery for listings and to request detail for vehicles. Admin display vehicles under many categories with proper details like mileage, color, make, engine power, and many more. Images can be viewed in full size. MS Access can be used as database.
Tags: program , help , view , display , gallery , engine , automobile , for , customers , vehicles ,


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