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 jBLOB : Custom Tags for Large Date Objects.

Usually it is difficult to decide were to store files, uploaded by application users - as file on hard disk or in a database. But for those of you who want to store files in a database we recommend these CFX Java tags. It was not easy to work with large database objects in early ColdFusion versions. And we had some hardships resolved by using present CFX tags. jBLOB library is a set of easy to use ColdFusion CFX Java classes used to read and write binary information to and from database. jBLOB can be used to upload docs (images, MS Office files, etc) into Oracle, MSSQL and any databases with ODBC connection. The set of classes can be used on UNIX and NT platforms so jBLOB is universal and ultimate solution for ColdFusion developers who work with large data objects. Installation procedure has four steps: Check/install JDBC drivers Copy and register CFX tags Create demo database MSSQLBLOB Copy ColdFusion demo script to web server directory Tag Syntax Note: demo version can store files with size up to 8000 bytes only!
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Session.LCID (LOCALE ID) helps the users to assign a value to LCID and read its current value. Users are able to set the format of the data field with the LCID by going into the design view. It also shows the table of LCIDs and the corresponding language. This sessing.LCID will be very useful in formatting dates, numbers, currecy, etc.
Tags: data , design , format , table , read , set , into , value , field , useful , users , formatting ,

 Dynamic Arrays Made Easy

This effective ASP array handling system develops your coding skills in ASP and provides more useful info about dynamic array class. The necessity of resizing an array dynamically when adding a new item or deleting the existing item is taught clearly with the help of given ASP source code which explains to read each line in a text file and storing them into a string array.
Tags: file , text , system , help , code , source , sourcecode , read , line , dynamic , into , info , string , skills , useful , resizing , coding ,

 Dynamic Arrays Made Easy

This effective ASP array handling system develops your coding skills in ASP and provides more useful info about dynamic array class. The necessity of resizing an array dynamically when adding a new item or deleting the existing item is taught clearly with the help of given ASP source code which explains to read each line in a text file and storing them into a string array.
Tags: file , text , system , help , code , source , sourcecode , read , line , dynamic , into , info , string , skills , useful , resizing , coding ,

 Display Server Variables

Display Server Variables is a simple script that helps the programmers to read their site visitors system details like operating system, browser, IP address etc., This will be very useful for the programmers to read the clients system details for serving customized web content, for example, if the site visitor uses Netscape then they can be diverted to a seperate page. This utility can also be used in various other applications.
Tags: web , utility , system , site , script , address , read , simple , for , useful , visitor , clients ,

 IIS Export Utility

IIS Export Utility is a simple yet an efficient software capable of exporting and importing websites to and fro between IIS 4, 5 and 6. This software can handle all read and write permissions for site transfers between the corresponding servers along with the directories and other required setting options. All copied website contents can be saved on a ODBC database.
Tags: software , website , write , site , read , simple , websites , for , directories , servers , contents ,

 PHPNews Version 0.93

PHPNews is a easy-to-use News-Interface for your Homepage, written in Php and MySQL. It provides full language support and you can redesign it very easily. It gives you the opportunity to include and manage news-output on your Homepage by a user-friendly environment. With its different Output Interfaces you can show normal News-Output, latest News, most read News and a Newsticker.
Tags: language , manage , news , show , read , support , for ,

 Read and write windows INI files in VBS?

Read and write windows INI files in VBS? is an easy to understand online article for all webmasters who have installed hosted applications on their systems. From this tutorial you will come to know how to read formatted Windows INI files using VBS functions with scripting.filesystemobject. You are also provided with example codes to modify, to get private profile string, to parse, read and write INI files.
Tags: windows , online , files , easy , write , using , private , read , tutorial , applications , formatted , profile , for , functions , codes ,

 Upload file using IE+ADO without user interaction - VBS

Upload file using IE+ADO without user interaction - VBS is an online article that deals on ASP file uploadings. The author of this article has provided ASP codes for the webmasters to upload their files using VBS alone without using an IE. You can learn to upload the files using HTTP and multi form-data document and further you will also learn how to read binary data from the files using ASP objects like 'ScriptUtilities', ADODB etc.,
Tags: file , data , online , files , document , using , learn , upload , user , read , binary , multi , author , for , objects , codes ,

 Work with binary files in VBS - read and write local and remote files

Work with binary files in VBS - read and write local and remote files is an article in ASP demonstrating the method of working with binary files. The author has explained how to deal with binary files both on the local and remote computers using free objects from Microsoft. You will also come to know the underlying concepts of binary conversions and the ResponseText property of ASP in obtaining the document data as string.
Tags: data , files , write , document , using , remote , read , binary , local , author , computers , property , objects , method ,

 ASP Fast Forum

This is a message board program where the users have the ability to add messages. This program provide an option for the users to search messages. This program has features like users can mark messages as read or unread, lost passwords are mailed to the users mail, admin can edit and remove messages, web administration, view hidden messages, threaded discussions, facility of email subscription, users can have attachments. This program uses MS-Access or MySQL database.
Tags: email , web , search , program , edit , board , message , view , lost , passwords , admin , hidden , read , messages , mark , for , features , users , option ,


This is a powerful email utility with which you would be able to access your email account and mail server data with a simple interface. Several mail modules are available to help you to add, edit and delete mail accounts and to archive messages from your inbox. You can even access and read your mail messages and the attachments from a web page through this program.
Tags: email , web , utility , data , mail , server , access , delete , edit , help , archive , page , webpage , read , simple , messages , account , mailserver , attachments , accounts , available , powerful ,


Submit multiple urls to multiple searcheniges simply by pushing the button on the screen. The script will read the urls from a txt file one line at a time and submit each url to each searchengine. When purchased you are entitled to free life-time upgrades!
Tags: file , time , script , multiple , url , button , txt , read , line , submit , urls ,

 POP3 EMail

This tutorial explains the webmasters about how to write utility using the TcpClient class to check your mail. Through this article the users might feel reading and deleting the emails very easier. The author has covered the part of logging on and off, then getting into the mailbox, checking the message size, recovering the messages and headers, and atlast deleting the read messages.
Tags: utility , write , using , message , check , class , emails , read , messages , logging , reading , into , tutorial , checking , author , users , part ,

 Articles and Sample Code

Through this online article the webmasters can learn about more articles which is enlisted in this tutorial. These links would take the developers to the concern page and where they can read the complete article. The sample source code of these articles are given along with each site.
Tags: online , code , learn , page , source , links , sourcecode , read , sample , articles , complete ,

 Email Tracking: Tracking Email Reads using ASP.NET

This tutorial tells the users about tracking read emails. The author demonstrates how to track the read emails using ASP.NET. Through this article, using three easy techniques, you could find out when anyone reads out your email. Just like confirmation you could request the reader to mail his request before reading it. HttpModule is the recent method to track the read emails. The final method is to sent a transparent beacon image into the HTML. This article explains the users how to track the mails readers.
Tags: image , mail , easy , find , using , tracking , track , emails , read , reader , reading , transparent , into , tutorial , author , recent , users , method , out ,


Aspose.Pdf.Form is a .Net Pdf document reporting component which allows developers to read all the fields of the pdf documents, including its name and value;fill the field through the specified field name; Flatten some specified field or all the fields of the pdf documents; Customize your Pdf document reporting application in minutes from 48 fully-working examples in C#, Visual Basic .Net.etc. Application scenario includes mailmerge from an database and invoices with master relation.The last version support to import data from fdf file into pdf and export data from pdf into fdf; etc.
Tags: file , database , pdf , data , component , export , document , application , import , read , name , support , into , version , reporting , invoices , field , master , fields , examples ,

 Open and Read content from a text file

Open and Read content from a text file is a simple ASP article where you will learn the procedures involved in file management. You can learn how to handle files of your website, to open the files and to read the content of the files line by line. The author in this tutorial has illustrated the methods with two examples on how to create a new text file and write the contents on it, and how to record visitor's IP address in a file.
Tags: file , create , text , files , record , write , address , learn , content , open , read , simple , line , tutorial , author , contents , examples ,

 AVI Processor

This is a program that comes with the ability to read and write the AVI files while it is in active status. It will be useful for the users in generating their own AVIs and in extracting the sound track and video from any live AVI. It supports formats JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF and GIF for writing. It has two effective object one is AVI writer and another one is AVI reader for the benefit of the users. It comes with the ability to read the AVI files either those are compressed or non compressed.
Tags: video , program , files , sound , write , track , read , reader , live , writer , object , active , for , useful , users ,

 RelataSync for Palm

RelataSync allows one to synchronize their contacts, date book events, and to do items on their Palm with Relata and the Palm Desktop. RelataSync 0.22b for Palm is *beta* software. It is still in development and this release is considered stable. Please read the 'README' accompanying RelataSync for more details.
Tags: development , book , synchronize , date , read , for ,

 OnTime 2004 Web Services SDK

This is a solution that can be used to create bug reporting application on exising web or windows applications for software testing personals. Web developers would be able to generate customized win form applications to submit bugs and web pages. They can integrate bug reporting feature into their existing applications. Software developers can store data in their OnTime database and can manipulate, read or update them using web service APIs.
Tags: software , windows , database , web , data , create , application , using , form , service , generate , store , read , testing , win , into , update , reporting , submit , bug , solution , applications , feature , for , webservice ,

 X Standard's Image Size Component

This is a powerful ActiveX component using which you can calculate image dimensions. The exact height, width, pixel etc., of an image can be extracted from the files. This program can read image files like GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP to support user's queries for image dimensions. This is an useful program for all webmasters.
Tags: image , program , files , using , read , support , calculate , for , useful , pixel , powerful ,

 Buffer Component

Buffer Component is an ASP encoding component through which encoding of datas with BASE64 coding object can be done. This component also offers read and write facilities for the binary files and computation is done through MD5 checksums. It is very easy to integrate and it is easy to handle.
Tags: files , component , easy , write , read , binary , object , encoding , for , coding ,

 Instant RSS, XML Feed Reader

Instant RSS, XML Feed Reader is a powerful javascript enabled online news publishing addon that enables users to display specific news on your webpages. This program can read all news feed sources from the XML files and displays the same on your web pages. The key feature of this program is that it uses a single configuration file to retrieve and convert RSS news feed.
Tags: file , convert , web , program , online , files , javascript , news , addon , display , key , read , retrieve , feed , publishing , configuration , feature , users , newsfeed , powerful ,

 Handling the "Permission Denied" Error

This ASP course gives useful tips to manipulate the Permission Denied error while accessing reading writing functions with file system. Implements the VBscript techniques and uses the server side objects to open and read / write files. And provides the methods and parameters to handle file system through ASP. Offers the tips to access internet files by setting windows internet explorer properties.
Tags: windows , internet , file , server , files , system , access , explorer , write , internetexplorer , error , open , read , reading , tips , writing , functions , useful , objects , filesystem , course ,

 Executing External Applications From Your .NET Application

Few worked out examples to show that the programmers could run an external application from .NET applications is the main content of this online tutorial. The author listed out those type of execution process like running BCP in SQL Server, running batch scripts, creating few add-in application and opening read me file at the end. At the end of the article the author shows few usages too along with sample code.
Tags: file , online , batch , creating , me , application , show , content , process , read , run , type , applications , author , sample , out , examples ,

 Developing multilingual applications in ASP.NET (Part - II)

The author gives a brief introduction about the resource files. The types of resource files are described along with the explanation about generating "text only" resource files. The main highlight is about building resource files for various locales. This article covers the topics about how to compile these resource files, using this files in two ways, using .resource files in two ways and finally how to read resource from resource files. With an example the author describes every step in detail along with its sample source code.
Tags: files , using , source , read , resource , author , sample , for , building , covers ,

 Populating select fields

Through this online article the author explains about the steps taken to generate various function which helps to read values and maintains at the time of field change. The created functions are further stored in an include file. The meaning of each parameters used is also displayed in this article.
Tags: time , online , generate , read , function , author , field , functions ,

 Create an SMTP email client for ASP.NET

Sending emails are easy to convey both personel and business messages. But it should be simple and easy to send it. The author explained it through this article about how to create an SMTP email for ASP.NET. Using read and write method, the author send data by creating a functional SMTP email client. This method is very easy to understand for even the beginners.
Tags: email , data , create , business , easy , write , creating , send , emails , read , simple , author , for , method ,


PDF v1.5 Support PDFTextStream supports all versions of the PDF document specification, including v1.5 (used by Adobe Acrobat 6). We are agressively keeping pace with Adobe's changes to the PDF file format, so you don't have to. Unicode Supports Unicode within Latin character sets (support for 2-byte languages [Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc] may be included in future releases), and provides optional ASCII approximation of Unicode characters (ideal for search and indexing systems that cannot or do not handle Unicode character sets). Familiar API PDFTextStream subclasses the class, which ensures a simple, familiar interface, and easy integration opportunities for existing components expecting a instance. Accesses PDF Document Metadata PDF files can contain many different kinds of metadata, including who created them, when, what the source document(s) were, and what application was used to generate them. PDFTextStream automatically loads all metadata found in a PDF file, and provides a simple, java.util.Map-like API for retrieving these properties that can prove very useful when indexing and searching PDF documents. Nothing Else is Faster PDFTextStream is the fastest library available for Java for reading text out of PDF documents. Since it was built from the ground up to read text out of PDF files, PDFTextStream delivers measurable performance advantages compared to other Java PDF libraries. Jakarta Lucene Integration PDFTextStream provides a convenient component allowing for easy integration with Jakarta Lucene, the leading open source text indexing and searching library for Java. Full Encryption Support PDFTextStream seamlessly decrypts documents encrypted with 40- or 128-bit encryption technologies. Decryption support extends to PDF document text and document metadata, providing a full view of the contents of encrypted PDF files.
Tags: file , search , text , files , component , java , encryption , library , easy , document , application , view , performance , source , generate , components , documents , open , read , support , reading , automatically , encrypted , character , metadata , languages , characters , properties , searching , for , useful , integration , contents , available , systems , approximation , out , changes ,


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