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 Online Game- Battle Sigs

Battlesigs is a PHP based program by which the web owners can facilitate their website with online game facility. With the help of this program the webvisitors can play game online and earn money easily. Rules to play are so simple and players can easily gain money. It prevents cheating games for security.
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 CDFscheduling-online Sports reservatin system

The CDFscheduling is an online reservation system for sports clubs by which their members can consult court availability and reserve a court through your website. It can be easily integrated with a club's website and can be accessed by a secured password by players and administrators. The administrator has full control over the reservation schedule. With a detailed client database, you can have extensive statistics on reservation usage, send targeted emails by player or demographic group, manage a dynamic virtual online shop of all your products and much more. An online demo is also available in the website.
Tags: password , online , control , system , website , client , manage , statistics , send , demo , emails , administrator , virtual , sports , dynamic , for , shop , available , players ,

 Chad Edward's FreeBuncoGame

Chad Edward's FreeBuncoGame is a simple entertaining software written in java. A maximum of three to four players can play this game at a time. This simple bunco board game allows users to roll the dice through the button icons and the number appearing on the dice is given as the score of the player. The score board will immediately display the total score of the player and after successful completion of the round players are carried to the next successive levels. Those players getting the maximum score cards is awarded as the winners of this board game.
Tags: software , game , play , board , icons , display , boardgame , button , simple , number , dice , score , users , winners , players , roll ,


ChainReaction can be incorporated into your web page to implement a game in JavaScript that is very similar to the old Atari 1040 ST. The players have to supply stones to the cells on the board to play the game. The stones are distributed to the neighboring cells, which leads to a chain reaction of cells exploding.
Tags: game , web , play , board , page , webpage , into , players ,

 Word Jumble

Another one of the internet's "favorite" games. Word jumble will keep your users playing and on your pages longer. You choose how many points/entries each word is worth, the number of times a day players can play and how many words to show at a time. Game is fully configurable. Rules are simple to follow. No JavaScript or other browser scripting languages to interfere with the players fun. Everything is handled on the server.
Tags: word , play , browser , words , show , simple , number , scripting , day , pages , languages , users , players ,


This entertaining programme is web-based and lets lotto players to quick pick numbers and search all methods to drive visitors to their websites. This tool makes visitors return to your site again and again. Feature highlights are this script is utilised for all states in USA. Can be used by other countries whom they are using same type format. Requires PHP supporting servers. You can change design easily and add to your site is also a notable feature.Very easy to download and run this programme. An online demo is availale.
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 DivX Pro

DivX Pro is an advanced multimedia utility bundled with powerful encoding tools and latest technologies. A handful of video editing and compression tools like EKG, psychovisual modeling, bi-directional frames, encoder feedback window, crop and resize are available to help you to create high quality video with controls, visual quality, compression etc., These video files can be played on 'DivX Player' or DVD players on home PC or TV sets.
Tags: video , utility , create , files , tools , multimedia , help , compression , visual , encoder , home , resize , advanced , editing , crop , quality , encoding , videoediting , available , powerful , players ,

 Chess Club

Chess Club is simple entertaining software where chess players can register themselves to play chess either with computer or with other online players. Users after registering to this program can become a member of online chess community where they would be able to create and delete games of their own. You can play online by making moves on the board with the ability to even save those moves. Website visitors can view the ongoing active games and the lists with the test desk functionalities.
Tags: software , games , program , create , online , delete , play , computer , board , save , test , view , simple , chess , active , lists , community , register , players , desk ,

 Clan Engine

The Clan Engine is a PHP and MySQL based database engine that is created for the purpose of gaming clans. It consists of a fully featured admin login section, players profile, challenge forum, shout box etc. It is also a theme based clan and consists of various themes in the database and new themes are constantly being developed every week. The script is very simple and easy to use.
Tags: database , easy , script , admin , engine , simple , theme , gaming , themes , login , challenge , box , for , players ,

 Minesweeper Tomse

Webmasters can add this game on their websites for entertaining their website visitors. Minesweeper Tomse is an online game that can be played by people of any age group, right from kids to the aged. In each type of working environment, this game requires the players to handle different keys. In Netscape4, players have to press ALT to mark the bombs, and in opera, they have to press the space bar.
Tags: game , online , website , space , kids , type , mark , websites , for , players , people ,


phpTurny16 is a simple script based on php and is a group management system. This system maintains large number of players or teams. Installation is easy and quick. It requires Mysql database as backend. Separate login facility is provided for all users. Users can easily embed into their website. Users can change style on the website. It has easy configuration.
Tags: database , management , system , easy , php , script , change , simple , number , into , login , group , style , for , embed , users , players ,

 Gamedata Module

The Gamedata Module is a simple and easy to use PostNuke Module script witten using PHP. You can see a working demo of the gamedata module in the website. It displays the date, time and type of the game on your website with details of the players who played the game and who is the winner and loser. You can allow the user to view the game. The script allows you to post as many details as you wish.
Tags: game , time , website , easy , script , using , view , demo , user , simple , module , type , post , players ,

 History Destroyer

History Destroyer is an easy and useful tool that can be used to delete the recently viewed sites so that no one can trace your activities. In addition, it is also capable of cleaning or deleting IE cookie folder, recently run programs, windows clipboard, auto-URL complete list, windows recycle bin, media players play list and much more. With this tool, you can also block the pop ups, window title etc.
Tags: windows , tool , delete , play , easy , list , media , block , pop , window , playlist , run , trace , cookie , sites , useful , cleaning , complete , players ,

 Dilate™ :: instant streaming media

Dilate™ is a Java based, plug-in free audio and video player. Built specifically to service the needs of online content providers, Dilate™ delivers high quality streaming media to 97% of internet users without the need for a pre-installed media player. Dilate™ has been designed to eliminate the problems associated with web video, allowing anyone with web page building experience to use their existing skills and infrastructure to place effective streaming video online. Dilate™ operates effectively in both broad and narrowband environments, detecting a users connection speed in real-time and delivering the appropriate media. Dilate™ does not require any special server software to run either. It streams direct from any web server, making it instantly compatible with all websites. Why use Dilate? Dilate™ is very easy to use. Web marketers, advertisers and webmasters can implement and manage all content through a web based user interface. Visitors to Dilate™ enabled pages do not have to download players or plugins to view the content. Other features: • Broad and narrowband capable • Streams under firewalls • Detects user connection speed • Pre and post gif & jpeg support • Full media controls • Real-time feedback agent • Operates cross platform • PC, MAC and wireless compatible
Tags: software , download , internet , video , web , audio , online , gif , server , jpeg , easy , speed , media , view , service , page , manage , content , webpage , user , connection , streaming , run , eliminate , detecting , quality , pages , wireless , post , skills , for , webbased , users , special , players , building ,

 SubSpace - Gaming Site

This is a game tool. This tool will be helpful for the web designers to create an entertainment on their own web page. In this tool sample code are provided to implement ASP images. A special DLL is included to display the name of the returning players. It has calender, webforums, voting features, secure areas etc. Members and players information are stored in data base file.
Tags: game , web , tool , data , create , secure , code , information , entertainment , display , name , sample , for , base , special , players ,

 Football Pool

ASP football pool is an online game played every week at the football section. The players are asked to enter their entry form, username and password. The main theme of the game is to assume who is the winner of the game before the game starts. And also there is a provision to guess the total number of point that will be scored in the match. Whomsoever reach the nearest point will be the winner of the game. Along with the entry form, they display events result, game shedules and more. This games are played only for entertainment, Through this, gambling and illegal activities are prohibited.
Tags: game , games , online , display , number , theme , football , pool , events , for , point , players , activities ,

 Java Telnet Game Client

This is a powerful networking tool through which players can connect themselves to the networking games from your site. This java telnet mud client enables your clients to customise whole of your game settings and colours through a simple drop down menu system. Some key features of this networking tool are ability to resize screen resolution, different configuration settings, ANSI support etc.,
Tags: game , screen , tool , games , menu , java , client , resize , key , simple , support , telnet , settings , networking , drop , configuration , connect , features , powerful , players , clients ,

 Simple Chess Game Program: Tiger and Bull

Simple Chess Game Program is an online game of two that has been designed especially for the kids and this is a simple and interesting game. Using the help facility provided by this program, players can make their successive steps carefully. This program has the power of controlling any move of the players thus maintaining the rules of the game. This game will be very easy and interesting for the kids to play.
Tags: game , program , online , easy , make , kids , help , simple , move , power , for , rules , players ,

 Harry Potter Quidditch Flash Game

Harry Potter Quidditch Flash Game is a game in which the players carry on the role of HarryPotter. They have to get the snitch. Webmasters can modify the domain to their websites. Webmasters need not have any knowledge of flash to place this game on their websites. Since this game is platform independent, it can be placed on any type of website.
Tags: game , flash , domain , type , platform , knowledge , modify , players ,

 Puzzle Wheel

Puzzle Wheel is a JavaScript that implements a fully customizable puzzle game. You have to solve the puzzle by spinning the wheel and guessing a letter. The game features amazing graphics and is sports a wonderful design and interface. Allows a maximum of 3 players to play. This freeware game can be incorporated by downloaded the script onto your web page.
Tags: game , freeware , web , puzzle , graphics , design , amazing , script , sports , solve , features , wheel , players ,

 Cafe Music

Cafe Music is an online juke box like program that plays music files from specified directories on a web server. This program supports features like, random playing, displaying the title of song, next song to play and right click on the song title to download. It has customizing features to enable or disable controls menu, automatic playing, download link, players link and button.
Tags: download , web , music , program , online , files , play , automatic , link , random , disable , song , click , controls , box , directories , features , players ,

 Beach Landing

We see many interesting games in mobiles and cell phones. Beach Landing is one of the interesting game which has been designed using java and can be added to mobiles. In this game, the players play the role of a chief, who is responsible for the machine gun post against the landing of the enemy army. The enemy troops have two ships from which the enemies fire shells. The player has to avoid the arriving shells and the enemy troops simultaneously. If the enemy troops have reached their border, then the game ends.
Tags: game , games , java , play , using , cell , fire , machine , post , for , enemy , ships , players ,


TicTacToe is a funny gaming programme. This web based script has several gametables to play. This game allows two players only and includes a good game structure. This application is specially meant for school students which is more fun and entertaining. This game will attract students of high school. This script requires servers supporting PHP and players have to start at list.php. Easy to download and excute this programme.
Tags: game , download , web , fun , php , script , application , school , start , funny , gaming , good , for , webbased , servers , players ,

 HockeySTATS Online

With this ice hockey league management programme, you can do all of the site administration and statistics recording well online without knowing any code or knowledge of HTML or PHP. Features includes ability to view stats from previous seasons, ability to add division administrators to manage scores and statistics, Team captain login with ability to customize the team page and can also manage team players and change players positions, site link and slogan. To get this program, you must be a member of to gain access to the free download. Very easy to install and execute this program.
Tags: online , management , access , easy , code , site , view , page , manage , change , statistics , link , recording , install , administration , login , customize , stats , team , execute , knowledge , scores , division , ice , players ,

 Word Scramble

Word Scramble is a PHP scripted online entertaining programme. A set of six scrambled words will appear. You have to rearrange the scrambled words and click for results. This game designed to take up little space so as to fit in most site templates easily and lets banner advertising and earns more revenue to your website. Features are, players have the option of their own time setting, made with a master word list of 5,704 words and the entire list is used to make a Mixed word scramble page, three types of category which are 1,264 four letter words used in the Easy category, 3,607 five and six letter words used in the average category, 838 seven letter or more words are used in the difficult category. According to the talent, the players can choose any one of these categories. Very easy to run this programme.
Tags: game , time , online , word , space , easy , make , site , list , words , templates , run , set , click , advertising , banner , master , letter , for , scramble , option , revenue , players , average ,

 Word Find

Word Find is a word builder programme increasing your word building power. This script gives a scrambled letters and you have to make many words from this scrambled letters very quickly. This game designed to take up little space so as to fits in most site templates easily and lets banner advertising and thereby earn revenue. Feature highlights are, players have option to set their own time, visual confirmation of word by a check appears and the correct word changes colour, has customize look and feel of pages easily by editing the settings in a configuration file and style sheet and easy installation. An online demo is available on the website.
Tags: game , file , online , word , builder , space , easy , make , site , script , visual , check , words , demo , templates , editing , settings , set , customize , advertising , sheet , banner , pages , style , configuration , letters , option , available , players , building , changes ,

 Fuzzy Slots

This is a program built on ASP which can be used by the webmasters to include Fuzzy Slots game on their websites. This game can be played as soon as selecting a gamble mode to play using start and hold buttons. Points will be awarded to the players for better encouragement. Using this program webmasters can meet out their developing needs in entertainment section.
Tags: game , program , play , using , entertainment , start , for , mode , players , out ,

 Compatible Optimizer

If you design movie with Flash5.0 or lower version,you can not read some swf files resource legally with resource extracting tool when you want to use resource in your work.It because that the files are made by Flash MX. Swf files made by Flash MX can not be read or played with Flash5.0 or lower version.If you want to use these files,you must download a new player or something else.Now there is no problem! With Compatible Optimizer you can: * Find swf files in your selected directory. * Find all swf files in your selected logic driver and other movable drivers,include hidden directory of system. * Identify the bad files,optimized files,normal files automatically,and show them with different icons. * Optimize the swf files.Make the swf file compatible without making it in the condition of being can publish them directly,you can view it with shockwave flash player or other flash players directly.It is important that you can read them with Flash5.0 and lower version. * Clear protection of swf file. * View selected swf file with inseted player directly. Be sure that you clear protection legally. NEITHER THE AUTHOR NOR THE AGENTS OF THE AUTHOR WILL BE LIABLE FOR YOUR USING THIS FUNCTION OUTSIDE THE LAW! Highlights * Flash MX supported! * Use little system resource! * It does not generate temporary files! * Retain original file attribute! * Speed. The ability to find and optimize swf files is so powerful that it can complete in seconds! * Identify the bad files,optimized files,normal files automatically,and show them with different icons. * The optimized file can be readed and play with Flash5.0 or lower version. * To prevent the same name files from overwriting each other when you optimize files from read-only drivers to hard disk,system will remain original directory info if you do not select overwriting them. * Clear protection of movie when optimizing. * You can view the selected movie with inseted player directly.
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 E-Gold Coin Flip Game

E-Gold Coin Flip Game is a real time coin flipping game. This is a php based program where users can bet heads or tails and win based on the flips. The chance of winning this game is 50 - 50. There is an affiliate program where webmasters can earn a 5% refferal commission for the people you refer to bet and play this game. The refferal payments are paid instantly. The website also displays the recent players who have lost or won and their bet amount.
Tags: game , program , time , website , play , php , lost , win , real , for , recent , users , players , people ,

 Dynamic SWF Video Multi Player

Dynamic SWF Video Multi Player is a modern techinique inducted programme with full control over the player. Feature highlights are, each and every part of the players skin is customizable through XML files, capable of easy translation by editing the external XML files, adjustable to allow several number of externally loaded SWF video files, compactly designed for not take up valuable space, can control the size of the popup window, when a video is loaded in a larger window and allowing for flash cookies or shared objects to save users choices ie-bandwidth selector, sound volume and looping of videos and easy installation. This programme is easy to run.
Tags: video , flash , control , sound , easy , save , window , skin , cookies , editing , size , number , translation , volume , videos , for , users , objects , players , part , shared ,


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