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 XML Organization Chart

Companies can utilize this program for managing their employees' personal information. Using this organizational chart users can extract the personal information of people from where ever they want through a standard web browser. Users have to store the personal information in an XML file, then this program will do the rest by creating chart to organize those information.
Tags: web , program , extract , information , creating , organize , chart , personal , store , for , users , personalinformation , standard , people ,


CalendarNow is a professional web-based calendar solution for commercial and personal use. CalendarNow provides you with all of the standard calendar features along with many unique and professional features. Some of CalendarNow's key features include: Unlimited Calendars, Unlimited Admins with unique settings, Unlimited Events, Customizable Public View pages, Import/Export, simple web based setup in under 5 minutes, and much more.
Tags: web , calendar , personal , key , simple , professional , solution , for , features , webbased , standard , commercial ,

 ActiveInsert new

Quickly and conveniently insert text and other objects into almost any application directly from its own window, saving a lot of time and effort. ActiveInsert is always there when you need it. No need to laboriously switch between windows to transfer information. Common uses include: completing online forms; standard e-mail replies; phrases and paragraphs; form letters; e-mail/newsgroup signatures; personal details; HTML templates; and images.
Tags: windows , text , time , online , application , transfer , form , personal , into , insert , switch , objects , standard ,

 Web-based Helpdesk Manager

This is a program that comes with the ability to bring visitors or customers questions to the right help desk personal and replay the questions by email. This program also stores the questions and answers into the FAQ database. Webmasters can also have the facilities to categorize the FAQ section into any number categories and sub categories. They can also include FAQ with more number of help desk personal accounts. Admin can have entire control including approval of questions and answers before displaying. This program needs email confirmation and customer registration. This program will be of much use for the webmasters in building FAQ with searching capability and categorizing functionality.
Tags: email , program , control , help , personal , number , customer , into , questions , searching , for , customers , replay , building , desk ,

 ActualAnalyzer Lite

ActualAnalyzer Lite is a PHP based script and it performs the tracking of visitors to your site. This is a free web-statistics tool for personal websites and web sites of the small companies. Multi pages support allows getting detailed statistics separately for each page. It contains the most necessary reports and allows to improve a web site without special complexities and to expand its audience. It is facilitated with full spectrum of statistic reports.
Tags: web , tool , site , script , personal , tracking , statistics , reports , small , support , pages , websites , for , sites , improve , special , offers few PHP scripts like, statz, pandora and leecher. Webmasters can use it on their sites. This site also helps you to host your site and to design your website. They offer different services regarding website design and development. This site also offers personal web solutions and dynamic website applications for business needs.
Tags: web , website , business , design , site , scripts , personal , dynamic , services , applications , host , for , solutions ,


Tired of keeping in mind passwords and wasting your time filling countless web forms? Get rid of this inconvenience. Just put you personal data into a profile, and let iNetFormFiller do the rest. It would save you from all the routine operations and fill web-form of any complexity by one click. Before coming to the main form you may have to fill several intermediate forms, such as login/password, etc. But the objective gets more complicated, if you have not only fill intermediate forms, but even choose links in the text to make the following step to the main form. There may be many of such steps, and in this case the problem would not by solved by any of existing online formfilling software. None, but iNetFormFiller, that is capable of not only recording the process of formfilling, but even checking the links you click, so that to reproduce all your actions in future. Form filling acceleration and traffic saving owing to immediate sending of data (no need to load complete pages). iNetFormFiller provides you with opportunity to edit web forms without loading them from the Net. When the needed form is called, iNetFormFiller shows it to you the same way it was display on the corresponding web site. The process of editing would be obvious and wouldn’t differ a lot from working with online form in the Internet. iNetFormFiller works correctly with any types of forms and identifies fields of any online forms and automatically fills them with appropriate data from profile. iNetFormFiller automates the process of filling online forms with standard data (batch mode), and also the process of sending inputted data. Standard data can be taken from a text file arranged in user set format. Additional features include: working with different data bases, reserve data base copy, export/import of user formcards, profiles and also of the information inserted into profiles, secure access to information, auto password generation and much more.
Tags: file , web , password , data , text , time , online , access , secure , edit , make , information , save , form , personal , auto , display , forms , passwords , recording , traffic , links , user , process , editing , mind , set , into , acceleration , automatically , checking , case , load , fill , problem , features , base , fields , standard , complete , generation , sending ,


Tool for training estimating skills, can show plan and reality. It introduces possibility to forecast release date or possible features included. In addition it can prepare various weekly and project reports automatically. This is indispensable tool for practicing the personal software process. If you want to be in time for working tasks, while learning something new this tool for you. DevPlanner is best suited for people who want to speedup work and career opportunities. It can save time and radically increase productivity. DevPlanner is a best tool for manager who looking for easy but comprehensive organizational mechanism.
Tags: software , tool , time , manager , easy , project , save , personal , date , show , learning , training , best , reports , forecast , plan , work , addition , for , features , increase , people ,

 Flash Intro and Banner Builder

Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder is a Flash text effect tool to help the web designer create and design animated Flash intros, Flash banners, Flash ads, Flash pop-ups and any other Flash animation. With Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder you can take your own photo and music, and combine them with animated text to create professional looking advertisements, banners intros and more in just minutes. The Flash Intro and Banner Builder allows you to create simple but also complex animations whereby you can combine different fonts and effects and an unlimited number of text lines in one Flash animation. Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder saves your settings. All your personal settings for pictures, URL links, fonts, text ,colors, sound etc. ,are automatically loaded the next time you use Amara Flash Intro and Banner builder. But you can also easily change and update them. No Flash or programming skills are required. Features include: 1) Use an unlimited number of text blocks (lines) 2) Use different font, styles, colors thru out the animation. 3) Create any intro or banner you have ever dreamed off. 4) Automatic skip intro link 5) Position the text exactly where you want it to appear in your animations 6) Many different text effects 7) Make the text freeze as long as you want. 8) Make the text appear and disappear any time 9) Import Gif, BMP, JPEG and PNG files 10) Import music files for background music 11) URL links and Target Frames per text block 12) Background colors 13) Border colors 14) Movie dimensions 15) Easy to update 16) WYSIWYG interface 17) Transition Time control 18) Sound volume settings 19) Insert Background pictures 20) Save as Flash animation (SWF) 21) Compatible with all HTML editors
Tags: web , tool , music , photo , create , text , time , files , builder , design , sound , help , animation , animated , programming , personal , effect , change , effects , lines , links , background , simple , colors , number , designer , professional , settings , update , automatically , volume , banner , animations , fonts , combine , skills , for , banners , intro , out ,


The SZPhotogallery is a PHP script for photogallery application which helps you in creating your personal gallery online. The system uses MySQL database to store the data and requires Image Handler to operate. The features include automatic thumbnail generation, template system, supports to send E-Card etc., The administrative feature is fully configurable to edit the setting of the pictures and its description.
Tags: database , data , system , pictures , edit , creating , script , application , automatic , thumbnail , personal , send , gallery , store , template , feature , for , features , photogallery ,


With Multichat you can run different chat pages or channels at the same time. You can even have a personal chat page for yourself and put it on your webpage by simply filling out a form and a link. This chat can be edited at any time and has many options such as: password protection, HTML blocking, background and img settings, colors, frames or no-frames.
Tags: password , time , chat , form , personal , page , background , run , pages , options , frames , for , out , img ,

 Aprelium Abyss Web Server

This is a free personal web server for windows and linux operating systems. It allows features such as access control support, password protected paths, users and groups management, access control rules; SSI support, custom error pages, enhanced CGI execution layer; updated server engine; updated documentation And many more. It supports HTTP/1.1, dynamic content generation through CGI/1.1 scripts, SSI, custom error pages, and access control. With its usage hosting of web site and your PHP, Perl, or ASP scripts very easy and fast.
Tags: windows , web , password , server , control , access , easy , site , scripts , personal , linux , error , content , custom , webserver , dynamic , accesscontrol , documentation , usage , for , features , protected , users , generation , hosting ,

 PHP MatchMaker

PHP MatchMaker is a personal classified program, specially designed for finding matches of people. After login in, you can choose to edit your profile, edit your wish-partners profile, upload pictures, use the internal mail program etc, and everything is kept anonymous for other users. The program is offcourse built with MySql. Other features is a list of people that view your ad (if they are logged in), a list with matches that also displays a grade for how your interests match. To use this program, you must have PHP4, MySql installed on your server, along with session support. If you are unsure if you have these needs, take contact BEFORE you buy. To get this program, you need to buy it. Licence fee include upgrades for a year, and basic help to get started customize the program. This provides Admin program for making fields (checkbox, drop down etc), User ControlPanel to Manage own profile (age, sex, interests etc), Manage dream profile (whom you are looking for). You can View statistics (who have seen your ads?), View mail in the internal mail system, View matches along with matchscore, View list of favorites, Upload picture. You can Search on gender, place, age (can be more parameters on request). Detailed view with option to Add user to your favorites, Send mail to the user, View searchresult along with profile, View picture, View last-login. List of latest ads in detailed view if not search. Location and gender search, Encrypted password in mysql and Simple monthly statistics in admin panel. And more
Tags: password , search , program , mail , edit , help , list , mysql , view , personal , upload , statistics , contact , admin , user , ads , basic , login , customize , drop , anonymous , buy , profile , for , features , fields , option , monthly , people , dream , session ,

 Webservers Supporting ASP

Webservers Supporting ASP is an article which gives the information about the webservers supporting ASP. It runs with MS IIS and personal web server. It also discusses about working ASP with other web servers like Linux, etc. This script is easily understandable and useful for the novice programmers.
Tags: web , information , script , personal , for , useful , servers ,

 MyInfo Component

MyInfo Component is an article through which users can learn about the MyInfo Component and its properties, which generates myinfo objects. This objects helps in storing several personal information of the administrator or the company on the web server. Here there are few strings which can be assigned to create new properties.
Tags: web , create , information , learn , personal , administrator , users , objects , personalinformation ,

 PWS & IIS Come to blows

This is an useful article which describes about personal web server and about IIS. The author tells about the features available with PWS and IIS in this article. The author says PWS is designed for simple intranet and the security is up to users preference but IIS has completely secured and so friendly to use.
Tags: security , web , server , personal , simple , webserver , intranet , author , for , features , useful , users , available ,

 XGRA Zclassified Modules

This script is used to allow customers to view the reviews, comments, products etc online. User can add their ads to this site by registering their name. This script is customizable. Users can send their review to this site to display it on their site. Users can upload five Jpeg images at a time and they can specify unlimited information through this module. Users have provision to edit their ads and their personal informations.
Tags: time , images , edit , information , site , script , view , personal , upload , send , display , ads , customers , review ,

 BadBlue Web Server

This is a php based script that allows users to explore and search their shared folders such as photo albums and see slide shows. You can share excel, word and access files over the internet. It supports uploading and downloading. Using a free domain name you can access your pc from anywhere. It turns your photos into albums or slide shows automatically. You can share business files right from your pc. It has control access with password protection. It is available in two versions which are personal edition and enterprise edition.
Tags: password , search , photo , files , control , photos , access , word , business , pc , php , script , personal , folders , slide , share , name , domain , into , domainname , explore , edition , enterprise , users , albums , available , shared ,

 Verify, Notify for Duplicate fields

This is an online form value validating program that helps users to verify whether given password or email address is same or not. Users are required to enter their personal information like password and email twice provided on the text box. This program checks given value and compares them with the previous one, finally it displays "Thank you" message when the form value matches with the previous one.
Tags: email , password , program , text , online , information , address , message , form , personal , verify , value , users , personalinformation , checks ,

 Instant RSS, XML Feed Generator

Instant RSS,XML Feed Generator is an useful program for novice programmers and webmasters to generate instant RSS news feed. Admin working with either a personal home page or WYSIWYG page building tools would find it easy to create formatted news feed through the online forms with all essential requirements. There are possibilities to copy and paste those RSS news feed on a XML file to generate a seperate news channel.
Tags: file , program , create , online , easy , tools , find , copy , personal , page , home , news , forms , generate , instant , paste , feed , homepage , formatted , for , useful , newsfeed , building ,

 Using Cookies in ASP.NET

Cookies are nothing but stored informations in the form of small files on user's machine. This tutorial describes about the importance and need of a cookie while developing any web application. Cookies are mainly used to store user's settings, nick name and personal details. Here in this article the author demonstrates about the art of reading and writing cookies in ASP.NET. The author's sample needs no description as it is very easy to understand and so simple.
Tags: web , files , easy , form , personal , art , cookies , store , small , name , reading , tutorial , cookie , writing , author , sample ,

 Boardnation Free Forum

Boardnation Free Forum is a remotely hosted discussion board software that supplies free forums to all website owners. This online efficient message board service is available with sophisticated flagship plans to enable webmasters to reduce the webspace usage to the lowest ever value. Some of the many advanced features include moderation tools, user online coloring, word censoring, complex statistics, private message limiting, avatars, personal text, sticky threads etc.
Tags: software , online , word , website , board , message , service , personal , advanced , private , user , usage , reduce , features , sticky , available ,

 Easily Simple Calendar

The Easily Simple Calendar is just that. A simple PHP calendar script that is easily integrated into your web site and easy to customize. It is an attractively small calendar suitable for display on your calendar of events page, your home page, or anywhere you need a calendar. Use the Calendar Creator and let your imagination run wild! Easily customize colors, font sizes, table sizes and much more. Choose additional options that include the ability to toggle highlighting today's date, whether you want to display the year in the title, and more. The Easily Simple Calendar is free for personal use (donations graciously accepted) and is now only $8.95 for commercial use with free upgrades for life.
Tags: web , calendar , easy , site , script , personal , home , display , table , font , simple , small , run , into , customize , year , events , options , highlighting , now , for , commercial ,

 Simple Greeting Cards

you can have any number you want. A visitor previews the cards by selecting a radio button. They select one, then they enter email addresses and names and their personal message. They click Preview, and they can see their chosen card with their message in it. Then they click Send. The recipient recieves a plain text email with a URL to their greeting card. When they view it, the anchor tags and the placeholder message are replaced by whatever message the sender entered.
Tags: email , text , message , view , personal , radio , number , click , names , greeting , select , addresses , tags , sender , visitor ,

 Simple Gallery

The Simple Gallery is a simple and easy to use script for those who need to publish their photos and digital camera pictures on the web. With this script you are able to upload the pictures in the server and create thumbnail images of the original pictures and place it in the gallery. This is an ideal way to have your personal photo gallery to share and view the pictures with family and friends.
Tags: photo , create , server , images , photos , pictures , easy , digital , script , view , family , thumbnail , camera , personal , upload , gallery , share , publish , simple , original , digitalcamera , for ,

 Chipmunk blog

This is a simple PHP built online weblog program using which you can create and manage a collaborative space within your website to interact with your site visitors. This weblog is bundled with calendars, guestbook, blocks etc., to help you to maintain your online journal with web based links. You are also provided with a powerful admin control panel to manage the blog entries and your personal diary.
Tags: web , program , create , online , control , website , space , help , site , using , personal , manage , admin , simple , journal , blog , entries , webbased , maintain , powerful , weblog ,

 Clan Command Center

Clan Command Center (CCC) is your clan website essence. It's a powerfull package developed to fit your clan website needs. CCC provides you an easy-to-use template system which makes your clan website ultra customizable. * Easy installer * Language packs (This feature is not fully supported since we didn't have enough translators.) * Custom skin option o Skin installer o Skin chooser * Custom pages o Add your own pages o Set restrictions (e.g: members only) * Several member statutes o Clan Leader o Co-Clan Leader o War arranger o Member o Recruit o Site member o Visitor/Guest * Member profiles o Avatar o Signature o Computer specs. o ... * Personal Messaging o Send/Recieve personal messages from members. * News management o Comments o News rating * Forum o Display latest 3 topics on main page o Merge topics/posts o Close topics o Pin topics * War management o Upcoming wars + signup o War reports + Report + Demo + Screenshots + Opponent information o War statistics + Total wars played + Total wars won + Total wars lost + War win percentage o Display 3 latest wars on main page o Display 3 upcoming wars wars on main page * Site statistics o Users online o Members online o Total online o Total hits o Total visits o Total visits today o Total visits yesterday * Downloads o Subcategories o File info * Links o Subcategories o Link info o x Times referered from your site (not unique!) * Taggwall (shoutbox, guestbook) * Sponsors o Sponsor image rotator * Poll * Form mailer o Create your custom forms * Ban IPs from your site
Tags: image , system , website , easy , site , personal , skin , template , custom , messages , win , package , feature , restrictions ,

 DF Calendar

DF Calendar is a web based calendar based on PHP. User can customize the calendar for their personal webpages and also users can modify colour, size and date through easy to use interface. After the modifications are done, URL code is given to load on your web page. With latest version of this software you can get DFConfig script that allows you to modify the properties. Online demo is available on the website.
Tags: software , web , calendar , easy , code , script , personal , date , demo , size , version , customize , load , for , modify , webbased , users , available ,

 CerebusTools FFAL page

FFAL stands for Free For All Links. This service gives you a personal page where your visitors easily can add their links without needing your interaction.
Tags: service , personal , page , links , for ,

 StormPay Randomizer

StormPay Randomizer is an application in PHP script to start your own randomizer system to increase revenue of your business. Feature highlights are, a fully controlled admin area, add members, list names and emails, sending mails automatically, the IPN controlled anti cheat system stops the members from bypassing payment links, IPN system add members when signing up, allow members to advertise their own personal URL, unlimited number of members and easy installation. Totally a cash generator to admin.
Tags: system , easy , generator , list , script , application , personal , admin , number , start , cash , payment , names , increase , revenue , cheat , sending , controlled ,


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