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 PHP FTP Client

This is a software based on php where users can get connected to their FTP account through webserver, while not providing general access to the FTP server. Only in the host running the webserver can connect to FTP server. This script is useful for people behind a firewall that blocks FTP. It allows files to be modified through a web interface without relying on make directories writable by the owner of the webserver process. PHP FTP Client has many security benefits.
Tags: software , security , web , files , access , make , php , firewall , script , account , interface , host , connect , for , directories , useful , users , owner , people , modified , offers few PHP scripts like, statz, pandora and leecher. Webmasters can use it on their sites. This site also helps you to host your site and to design your website. They offer different services regarding website design and development. This site also offers personal web solutions and dynamic website applications for business needs.
Tags: web , website , business , design , site , scripts , personal , dynamic , services , applications , host , for , solutions ,

 Easy Peasy Image Gallery

Ever had a collection of photos from your holidays or parties that you wanted to make them available on the web for your friends and relatives to enjoy? With EPIG, you can do just that. All that you need is web space to host your EPIG album with PHP & GD support. Simply upload the EPIG files on the same folder where your photos are and you are done! EPIG displays an image gallery with automatically generated thumbnails for all the image files (supports JPEG, GIF and PNG files). You can then click on the thumbnails to see the actual images. You can navigate page-by-page or by page numbers. EPIG has been designed to work without any modification. However, it is very simple to customise it. All your settings are kept in a separate XML file that allows you to set a title, a description and a contact email address. You can also customise the dimensions of the generated thumbnails and/or their quality (applies only to JPG images). If you want to customise it further, you can modify the supplied template or create your own.
Tags: email , file , image , web , create , files , photos , folder , space , make , collection , page , upload , album , gallery , contact , template , simple , holidays , thumbnails , settings , set , work , automatically , click , quality , host , for , modify , friends , available , navigate ,

 Rotator v1.1

Rotator can host images or use remote images. Rotate random or sequential with optional delays. Stats for groups and images. Views : click-throughs : unique click-throughs : click-through Tracking. Auto-generate php and jspopup code. Complete control of all image settings and no image lib required. Ultra-fast tracking code. Increase your affilate traffic, and stop paying for Banner rotation service. Now you can KNOW which images get the most hits!
Tags: image , control , images , php , remote , tracking , random , stop , settings , host , for , rotation ,

 BK Ping

BK Ping is an useful and powerful networking component by which the system administrators can ping their required host either remote host or local host simply by providing IP address. It supports blocking and non-blocking methods to ping hosts. Ping classes are developed by using C# base code that compliance with CLS.
Tags: component , system , code , using , remote , ping , local , networking , host , base , useful , blocking , powerful ,


This is a software based on php where a TCP connection is made to the host and port and checks the server status. This script can also be added to a cron tab. It is set for sending an email. Here the designs can also be changed. Easy to combine with any other applications. Easy to customize. Free download option is available here.
Tags: software , download , server , php , script , connection , port , set , host , combine , for , option , available , checks , sending ,

 My Biz Card

This is a simple PHP based application through which you can host the business cards on your web sites. Some key features supported by this application are, easily change the color of the business cards, customize templates and homepage etc.,
Tags: web , business , color , application , change , key , templates , simple , customize , host , features ,

 Get IP Address of a Host

The author explains about how to get the IP address of a host. In this article the author narrates the real usage of .NET DNS class through which the webmasters could get the name of the host or the IP address of the host. This article would be more helpful to trace the host name or the IP address of the host using .NET DSN class in ASP.NET.
Tags: using , address , class , name , trace , usage , host , author , real ,

 Troubleshooting ASP.NET Applications on IIS 6.0

Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 makes it possible for organizations of all sizes to quickly and easily deploy powerful Web sites, Web applications, and Web services. IIS 6.0 provides a high-performance platform for applications built using the Microsoft .NET Framework, and introduces a completely new architecture to host .NET Web applications reliably, securely, and make them easier to manage. Troubleshooting these applications on IIS 6.0 requires new ways of doing things. Get detailed information on how to debug .NET applications on IIS 6.0, including how to use various tools and IIS 6.0 features to make debugging these applications easier.
Tags: tools , make , information , using , services , platform , applications , host , debug , for , features , powerful , debugging ,

 PERFECT - PHP E-mail Receive Form Electronic Content Text

This is an efficint online form processor built with PHP. You can use this program to extract your visitor feedback from online forms. All extracted user data are then mailed to your email addess in a specific format you desire along with the details of user host and browser info. Key features include automatic field detection, ability to strip mail contents, easy configuration etc.,
Tags: email , program , data , mail , online , browser , easy , extract , format , automatic , form , user , host , configuration , field , processor , features , visitor ,

 Loading a true type font with GDI+

In this tutorial readers can find information about utilizing a font during run time, which is not installed on the server. The author illustrates this process by generating a PrivateFontCollection from the namespace System.Drawing.Text. This tutorial will be useful for the users to load unavailable fonts on their host servers.
Tags: find , information , font , process , run , tutorial , fonts , host , load , author , for , useful , users ,

 Multiple domains on a single IP address

This is an article that can be used by the users to host multiple servers on a single IP address. In this tutorial the author guides users in hosting several domains under single with the help of request.servervariables("HTTP_HOST"). This is an easy to understand and essential article.
Tags: easy , help , multiple , tutorial , host , author , users , servers , hosting ,

 Multithreading in .NET

Multithreading in .NET is a web based tutorial through which the users learn about the three ways of providing multithreading facility in .NET framework. The author offers details about simple threading process which uses delegate objects and thread objects to execute the multi threading process, timer threads which utilizes classes that host on System.Threading.Timer to perform the process of multi threading and Thread pooling method which uses ThreadPool type object to execute this threading process.
Tags: web , learn , timer , process , simple , type , tutorial , host , object , multi , author , execute , webbased , users , objects , method ,

 Remote Procedure Calls with PEAR

This is an article and a tutorial where users can utilize the xml rpc in which data can be packaged when it is sent between the program components. This tutorial initiates the developers for creating the distributed applications. The call from one component that is made in to another on a separate host is a remote procedure call. This article tells how to send the datas from one component to another by HTTP protocol.
Tags: program , data , component , xml , creating , remote , send , tutorial , call , host , for , users ,

 CNU 5 Xtra

This is a news management program which can be used to maintain news related information on the websites. Admin can host their site content on other websites by using syndication addon tool and can display news headlines on host's websites. This program displays syndication news in 2 formats like, text display and Java scroller format. This program has PDA outputs and provides mobile friendly news to mobile customers.
Tags: tool , program , text , management , information , site , mobile , using , news , addon , display , content , host , websites , maintain , scroller ,


Weblog catches following data: - date/time - IP - Host - Useragent - Referer - browserlanguage - screensize (if clients javascript is enabled) - colordepth (if clients javascript is enabled) Showlog creates following statistics: - Browser: Browserfamily, Browser details - OS: OSfamily, OS details - Referer: Refering Host, Referer details - Forwarder - Websearch: Searchengines, query details - hits by day for each month - hits by month for each year - Provider - Countrycodes - IP to Country - Clientlanguages: Languages, language details - Screendata: Screen height and width, colordepth Showlog additional overviews: - detailed overview of logfile with filter-functionality - Functions for unknown data - by clicking on Unknown in both statistics - Unknown browser - search with google by clicking agent - Unknown OS - search with google by clicking agent - Unknown searchengine - search with google by clicking agent - Unknown IP and LongIP (for IP2Country) Showlog additional functions: - refering hosts clickable for open in new window - referer details clickable for open in new window - Searchengine host clickable for visit with new window - Searchengine query clickable for visit with new window - logfile details: - referer clickable for visit with new window - links in agent (e.g. bots) clickable for visit with new window Showlog additional functions in admin-mode: - Overview of Usernames stored in referer - check logfile - download logfile - delete last entry - delete logfile Additional functions: - Benchmarking - PHP-script to create new IP2Country database
Tags: download , search , data , create , delete , browser , javascript , check , language , query , links , google , open , agent , day , host , for , functions , clients ,


This is a guestbook and a php software that deletes individual contributions by using the password protected function. Simple adjustments can be made to the design of their own homepage. Features like Icq status indicator, email notification, number of entries on a side, paging function, HTML code, smilies added and badword filter. Here IP and host of the visitor are stored. This script is easy to setup and install for users.
Tags: software , email , password , design , easy , php , script , using , install , number , host , for , entries , protected , smilies , visitor ,

 Php Unlimited Chat

Live support chat script that allows you to offer live support to all those visiting your site. Ability to host multiple websites from one installation of the script. It's loaded with many features, and there are no annual renewal fees. Entirely web-based, no matter what computer you are using, once you have access to the internet you can login and offer live chat support to your customers. It's fast, easy, and simple to install. Entirely based on PHP, and operating using the MySQL database technology. Setup takes only a few minutes.
Tags: internet , database , access , computer , chat , script , using , multiple , simple , support , login , live , installation , host , websites ,

 Dynu TCP Socket

Dynu TCP socket is an useful component which is enabled in a system to make connection with the remote system for communication. This tool offers several methods and those methods helps users to transfer data they are, create- which is used to create socket for TCP/IP communication, connect- it is used to connect with the host using ports, receive- it is used to receive data from remote system, send- to deliver data, close- it closes the socket and set timeout- it is used to set time for the socket function.
Tags: tool , data , create , time , component , system , make , using , transfer , remote , connection , set , host , receive , connect , for , useful , users , socket ,

 ASP Web hosting

ASP Web hosting is an article which describes about the web hosting companies. This article shows that the users can interact with the webpages, users can generate the data driven pages, the function of HTML followed by ASP with an example, finding an ASP web host and its importance and more. This article is very helpful for the beginners.
Tags: web , data , generate , function , host , for , users , hosting ,

 SocketTools Secure Scripting Edition

SocketTools Secure Scripting Edition consists of Component Object Model (COM) libraries designed for use in scripting languages such as VBScript and JavaScript. The components do not have the inherent overhead of ActiveX controls and implement a threading model for more efficient use with Active Server Pages (ASP) and similar environments. This edition includes support for the industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Security Layer (TLS) protocols which are used to ensure that data exchanged between the local system and a remote host is secure and encrypted. The Secure Editions implement the major secure protocols such as HTTP, FTPS, SMTPS, POP3S, IMAPS and more. Your data is protected by industrial strength 128-bit encryption, with full support for client certificates. Using the popular SocketWrench component that is part of SocketTools, you can also write your own, custom secure server applications. And there's no need for you to understand the details of certificate management, data encryption or how the security protocols work. All it takes is a few lines of code to enable the security features, and SocketTools handles the rest!
Tags: security , data , server , component , system , encryption , secure , write , code , client , remote , lines , components , custom , support , scripting , model , local , popular , host , controls , languages , libraries , for , protected , dataencryption , edition , certificate , standard , part ,

 Free Hosting Script

This script is helpful for the webmasters to host their website for free like Envy and Geocities site. This tool is provided with WYSIWYG control panel that allows the users to generate their own pages with little knowledge of HTML. This tool is also provided with customization facility i.e- it permits users to add and remove their own images on the website, they can customize the layout of web pages using template, they can send their web pages to their associates and more facilities are available.
Tags: web , tool , control , images , website , remove , script , using , send , generate , customize , pages , layout , host , knowledge , for , webpages , users ,


PHP EKLog is a script based on PHP. It tracks the important information like visit time, visitor host. If there is no visitor host it tracks IP address and visitor browser agent. A number of customizations can be made, and web based statistics page is available. The counter can be hidden in the page. It can be shown as text or image if the counter is not hidden. It shows the count in different languages like Arabic digits,chinese characters or Roman Numerals. You can customize fonts. A webbased statistics page is available.
Tags: image , web , text , browser , information , script , address , page , statistics , hidden , number , tracks , counter , customize , count , host , languages , characters , webbased , visitor ,


WEBStatcaffe is a PHP based programme. It monitors your site visitor details and the informations will be stored in the MySQL database. GD library is not required. It delivers the most detailed reports with the most unique features like, technology analysis, geographical analysis, host and domain analysis etc., Online demo is available and very handy to use. It is user friendly.
Tags: library , site , analysis , demo , user , reports , domain , host , features , available , visitor ,

 ATP Module

The ATP Module is a PostNuke script which is designed using PHP that allows the user to host his webcomic easily. To do this, you have to simply upload the images with a unique file name. The images that you upload can be of any file type like jpg, gif or png. After installation, you have to create your comic strip directory. The script can be customized easily.
Tags: file , create , gif , images , script , using , upload , user , type , host ,

 MyWebFTP Personal

MyWebFTP Personal is a software based on php. In your webbrowser with the user interface, this script gives ftp client capabilities. Features like password protecting from normal surfers wasting your bandwidth, saving your account settings and no need to enter host addresses, usernames, passwords every time, file listings are sorted and paged for maximum convenience and effectiveness. Easy to customize. Online demo is available.
Tags: software , file , password , ftp , client , script , demo , passwords , ftpclient , user , account , settings , host , protecting , for ,

 Online Photo Album (XML Version)

This build is Salman's fourth release of the online album. The current version does not require FSO (FIle System Object) from your host provider. The entire application runs on XML file. There is also a small C program that builds dynamically the XML file to work with your online album. This version is so big that we have decided to load all the online documentation and download source etc, in a separate directory within iGluon.
Tags: download , file , program , online , application , directory , source , small , build , work , version , documentation , host , load , big ,

 HTTPSSL Component

This is an ASP based HTTPSSL component which is basically used for sending and receiving web pages with full security through HTTP or HTTPS connections. If the webmasters host their HTTP based web pages on the website with SSL it protects their HTTP pages from hackers and unauthorised persons.
Tags: security , web , component , website , pages , host , for , webpages , sending ,

Ivisionhelp site offers solutions for your internet needs. This site helps the webmasters in their web development and programming needs like to host their sites and submit their sites to be placed in the top ten positions with popular search engines. They also undertake custom database designs and content based search delivery.
Tags: internet , database , web , search , development , site , programming , content , custom , submit , popular , host , webdevelopment , for , sites , solutions , top ,

 Xtreme Dealer Locator

Xtreme Dealer Locator is a remotely hosted E-commerce system that can be used by your customers to locate the place of the dealer or stores that sell your products. It guides the online visitors to your nearest store, dealer or branch and displays store hours, products, map and direction etc. The main features of this system is that easy integration with your website, separate locations by specialities, airport proximity search capability, advanced search capabilities like zip, name, city, state, country etc, geographic proximity searching, e-mail broadcasting from host administrator to site administrator, provides you with statistics like what locations are searched frequently by the visitors and has many other features.
Tags: search , online , system , easy , site , statistics , map , advanced , administrator , store , host , locate , country , features , customers , integration , sell ,


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