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 .NetAds Ad Server

This is a program that can be used by the webmasters to display and manage advertisements on their websites. Advertisers can have real time results of displaying ads and can have the facilities to display their ads in their desired regions, country and group of countries. The repetition of the ads can be decided either by day of the week or hour of the days. Webmasters can customize the number of displaying for each ad to suit their demands. It is possible to display ads with various sized images in gif, jpeg, png formats and to let different types media formats to mingle with each other. It provides admins easy to use interface to let them manage campaigns, advertisers, zones and media.
Tags: program , time , images , easy , png , media , manage , display , ads , number , customize , interface , day , group , real , for , country , zones ,

 Enterprise Time Tracker

The Enterprise Time Tracker is a script which will coordinate the workflow in your company, giving the employees daily activities a common direction and ensuring that the outcome is the most profitable. It contains a simple Employee interface and an Administrative interface which shares the qualities, powerful access, more menu of choices and controls. It gives you the ability to store all your employee profiles with photos and easily access them at any time, store all your client information in a password-protected database, keeps track of all your current projects and invoices, calculate the amount of hours spent on individual or group tasks and also their expenses and contains many other employee level features and administrative level features.
Tags: menu , photos , access , information , client , script , track , tasks , store , simple , employee , interface , daily , calculate , group , workflow , expenses , shares , features , powerful , activities , projects ,

 ASP FAQS : Databases, Queries

The author explains about a question related to queries and database through this article. The answer which is shown in this tutorial is all about choosing the result of a SELECT..MULTIPLE or a group named checkboxes. The author explains the answer with an example along with its sample source code. In the final part the author shows how to convert those databases into queries.
Tags: convert , database , source , into , tutorial , group , author , databases , sample , question , part ,

 abarcar's combined Shop and Quote System

abarcar's combined Shop and Quote System is a PHP based shopping cart system with photo equipment and furniture kit. Using this script you can display 'Forced forwarding' features along with group of images for all products. This shopping cart system is designed in such a way that products are to be quoted for its prices.
Tags: photo , images , system , script , display , shopping , group , shoppingcart , for , features , equipment ,


aldap is a opensource PHP script that merges all user admin controls on a intranet or internet sites. Supports include multiple user administration, searching functions, Layout customizing components, creating announcements, and more. User access level is categorized into 4 levels of user, power user, super user and administrator. you can add multiple groups and can move one group to another. Entries supports single quotes and multiple character set. Importing contact into LDAP server is possible via perl modules. Gives support for multi-language.
Tags: internet , server , access , creating , script , perl , multiple , contact , admin , user , support , levels , intranet , move , into , quotes , power , group , character , controls , opensource , searching , for ,


ActiveProfile allows you to personalize ASP without database programming or using Browser cookies. With ActiveProfile you can set up program and user group defaults for your application. You can also let users customize their own options.
Tags: database , program , using , programming , user , setup , set , customize , group , for , users , personalize ,

 Visual XSLT

Visual XSLT is a powerful XML software dealing with the techniques of XML transformations. You can use this software to convert XML documents with XSLT development plugins designed specially for visual studio .NET. This online software is bundled with unique visual schema mapper and just in time (JIT) debugging tools with which webmasters would be able to test all XSLT codes embedded in other .NET applications and libraries. Using this software you can compress all XML input files, XSLT transformation files and the generated output files in a group with the ability to access them at any time. Key features include template browser, intuitive drag and drop interface, ability to build and test XPath expressions, synchronized debugging etc.,
Tags: software , convert , time , online , files , access , tools , development , test , compress , visual , documents , template , visualstudio , build , studio , applications , group , schema , drop , input , for , features , draganddrop , powerful , codes , debugging ,

 ActualAnalyzer Pro

Actual Analyzer Pro is written in PHP and uses MySQL database for achieving of high performance. This mighty web statistics tool is equally effective as for sites with big traffic so for sites with low traffic. Multi pages support allows getting detailed statistics separately for each page. Multi-groups support allows getting combined statistics for each logical group of pages. This script has advance features like, it runs directly on your server and nothing send to another servers, web interface with authentication for all scripts and detailed visitings statistics for each page of web site separately. Online demo is available.
Tags: database , web , tool , server , site , script , scripts , page , statistics , send , demo , traffic , support , logical , interface , pages , group , for , sites , features , big , authentication ,

 Email List Manager

This is a script where the users can send any number of messages through email. The clients can unsubscribe by performing the process of sending emails to list address. This program provides admin group with unlimited administrators per group. The admin can import a webpage into the new message with a single click. Features like full management of attachments, personalization variables etc are available. The users can perform customization process.
Tags: program , management , list , script , import , send , emails , admin , process , number , messages , into , group , users , sending , clients ,


hitSecureFiles is a script that allows you to add a download area for the members of your website. Let your users register at your site, organize them into groups and control the customizable role-based group access to hierachical security zones - from viewers to uploaders. The application fully integrates into virtually any PHP page on your site with only 2 file includes, inheriting your site look and feel. As the site admin you can configure to get email notifications on most actions like user register or file download. Send newsletters to user groups or emails to individual customers. hitSecureFiles may be integrated to share user accounts from other applications.
Tags: email , download , file , security , control , access , site , script , application , organize , page , emails , admin , user , share , area , into , accounts , group , for , register , users , configure , newsletters , zones ,

 Amoeba Tools for Sun One ASP

Amoeba Tools for Sun One ASP is a group of object which helps to do a desired task with the help of functionalities that it has. This tool has various objects and each has individual functions. HTTP object has features like capability to enter into any URL, provide NTML authentication etc. Command object has features like allowing to execute any command, to customize object security etc. RegExp object offers features like providing expressions in PERL and POSIX. Script object has various features set like is name, is alpha, is password,etc. And also it includes charts and spell check.
Tags: security , tool , help , task , set , into , charts , customize , group , spell , object , execute , for , features , objects , authentication ,

 Ascripts Random Exit Popup

This script can open various URL links as popup, each time the visitor exits your web page. The script selects the URL randomly. You can set the group of URLs of your choice that has to be opened randomly when the users leave the page. The URL link once opened will not open again in the same browser session. The script is free for download and is very easy to setup and use.
Tags: download , web , time , browser , easy , script , link , links , open , set , group , for , users , visitor ,

 Browsing Windows NT groups with ASP and ADSI

This is a tutorial that guides users to create script to list out the Windows NT groups for the defined domain or system. This tutorial elaborates that, this program makes it possible with the help of Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI). This discussed program will bring list of Windows NT group with a list of users and groups under that group.
Tags: program , create , help , list , script , domain , tutorial , group , for , users , out ,


This is a forum program written in XML and ASP where the users can add messages in forum. This program supports multiple categories and forums. This web application can attach files with the users postings without using any third party components. This program has many enhanced features like signatures, avatars, providing group based security, email validation by user, filtering bad words, online administration, contact lists of the users, supports moderated forums, private messages, handled data abstraction layer, changes XML language files, users can view hidden forums, clustered servers support and more.
Tags: email , web , program , data , online , files , application , using , view , language , multiple , contact , private , hidden , messages , support , filtering , group , validation , lists , forum , features , users , servers , party , changes , attach ,

 ASP World - Knolwedge Base

Webmasters who want to provide cost effective customer service online, can utilize this ASP application. Comes with many features like - user oriented admin section to manage FAQ module content, voting to get feedback about the effectiveness of FAQ, categories to group questions, search engine to find particular info, print and email option, new question submission facility displaying specific number of questions per page and many more.
Tags: email , search , print , find , service , page , manage , admin , user , engine , number , module , searchengine , customer , cost , group , submission , questions , features , question ,

 SmartWin Professional

SmartWin is a resource manager.It gives you quick access to your favorite applications ,files, folders and web sites through a smart prompt used without mouse clicks or through keyboard shortcuts. Resources are inputed by drag and drop, their names can have spaces in them. You can group them. You can schedule them. It comes with features for fast batch changing names or deleting resources making it easy to access and manage your resources.
Tags: web , access , easy , fast , batch , schedule , keyboard , folders , manage , mouse , quick , smart , resource , applications , group , favorite , resources , for , names , sites , features , changing ,


BrijnSMS is a small script written to allow authenticating and logging of messages send thru SMS Client. BrijnSMS is written in PHP and uses Mysql as database back-end. The BrijnSMS administrator can create user accounts for people that are allowed to send messages. He can also add people that can receive SMS messages. This is for security reasons. If the services is hacked it is not possible to send SMS messages to random phones (if the database password or administrator account is hacked it is possible of course :). Both Sender and Receiver accounts can be assigned to groups. This way it is possible to hide the Receiver accounts belonging to the family group from a user that is part of the friends group. BrijnSMS is a front-end to SMS Client and handles all SMS services upported by it
Tags: security , database , password , create , script , family , hide , send , administrator , user , random , small , messages , logging , account , accounts , services , group , receive , for , friends , course , part , people ,

 BlaBla 4U

BlaBla 4U is an ASP based bulletin board through which group discussions can be conducted. This tool provides the user to select the font colour and design templates. It offers users with a search engine. Has more features like support for multiple languages, administrative tools, users own animations, logos and banners can be included in the board etc.
Tags: tool , search , design , board , font , multiple , user , support , group , colour , for , features , select , users , banners , logos ,

 PHP and Accessing MySQL Databases

In this article, the author gives his views based on MySQL and also recommends to install PhpMyAdmin 2.0.2, a group of PHP scripts to control your databases. The author gives some html forms and some example code functions for getting into this article. He also gives some more advanced methods for grabbing data from MySQL database for easy understanding. Useful for PHP programmers.
Tags: html , database , data , control , easy , code , scripts , forms , advanced , install , into , group , author , for , functions ,


PhpTest is an web based application for conducting test quiz. Feature highlights are, randomization of questions on tests, randomization of order of multiple choice questions, user and group security models, yes or no type, true/false and multiple choice question types, automatic grading , multilingual support of English, Spanish, Czech, Norwegian and chinese and easy installation. An online demo is available on the website.
Tags: security , web , online , easy , application , automatic , test , demo , multiple , chinese , user , support , group , multilingual , questions , for , webbased , question , available ,

 Secure your .NET smart client apps with CAS

This is an article in which the author provides some tips on utilizing Code Access Security for securing ASP.NET applications. In this tutorial the author explains about CLR (Common Language Runtime) and the necessity of the Code Security from CLR due to the need of executing and downloading code on different types of Personal Computers. The author covers all fundamentals of Code Access Security by discussing about permissions, permission sets, security policy, code group etc., This tutorial is like a guide to the integration of Code Access Security with .NET framework.
Tags: security , code , tips , tutorial , group , author , for , guide , integration , covers ,


cASPer.RegularExpression is an ASP based ActiveX environment group of objects that provide functionalities for processing regular expression text through a processing engine. Individual object has several functionalities of string for expressing the text. Validated and parsed user entries can be processed using this function.
Tags: text , using , user , processing , group , object , string , environment , for , expression , entries , objects , regularexpression ,

 Magic List Pro

This is a mailing list software where the users can maintain and generate mailing lists for their websites and can build custom questions of their own. This program allows the users to create multiple additional questions which can also be viewed through demographic reports. The users have the ability to target their email messages in two forms like demographic information where the users can have their mailings in larger impact and in interest group users can create the list where the members can choose the type of information for receiving. The users can send HTML and plain text messages to getback their members to their site often.
Tags: software , email , program , create , text , information , site , list , send , forms , generate , mailing , multiple , custom , messages , build , mailinglist , type , group , lists , questions , websites , for , maintain , users ,

 Convea-Business Applications

CONVEA-BUSINESS APPLICATIONS is an web based business software which provides full application to develop production and to develop the various application for lower cost. This software offers various applications like providing email module to control over whole organisation through email, providing calender module to develop tasks and events about the business, allowing group discussion from public or from management, providing instant management module for interacting with others and more.
Tags: software , email , web , control , management , business , application , tasks , instant , module , events , applications , group , for , businesssoftware , develop , webbased , public ,


Leadhound is an ultra-fast, feature-loaded service, designed from the group up to be robust and yet very simple to use. Leadhound is absolutely feature loaded! It contains many features that are broken down into three main areas: Affiliate, Merchant and Admin Back office. Further details on each of the areas can found in below on this page. Leadhound is a highly developed, but simple to use interface making site administration easy to learn and maintain. Feature Highlights Secured with 128-bit SSL encryption, 22 unique affiliate features, 31 unique merchant features, 19 unique staff features, Almost complete automation of the process. Ease of use - get new campaigns online in just 5 minutes!, Password protected, Secured with 128-bit SSL encryption(Dependant upon your server connection), Review personal information, Subscribe to HTML or text based newsletters, Edit personal information, Country selection. Country field matches to merchants selected countries of promotion - target campaigns, Edit content categories of interest (Fields of interest that match the affiliates website content - target campaigns), List all available campaigns, List subscribed campaigns, List new campaigns, List expired campaigns, Display earnings per click by campaigns, Real-time impression, click, lead, sale tracking and reporting, Auto generated HTML for affiliates subscribing to any campaign, Sub-affiliate IDs. Affiliates can tag the HTML with their own unique affiliate ID codes to track their own members' activity, Ability for affiliate to select automatically generated static, rotating, or text link to promote the campaign, Real-time statistics sorted by month-to-month drop down menus, Real-time statistics for sub-affiliates, Real-time revenue statistics (When an affiliate's end-user converts to a lead or sale on the merchants website, it automatically updates the affiliates account. and more
Tags: text , online , server , website , easy , site , learn , personal , automation , tracking , statistics , track , link , content , tag , administration , simple , into , automatically , click , promotion , interface , group , match , staff , drop , feature , field , for , features , select , broken , sale , complete , available , revenue , codes ,


This is an advanced database reporting tool designed to help users to get connect with the database and to create queries. You can work on databases like MySQL, Text, Excel, MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle, Paradox, DBF etc., It can automatically create reports, schedule alerts and export data through mail without user interaction. You can alslo define filters, sort orders, group functions and save them for later access.
Tags: database , tool , data , create , mail , export , help , schedule , save , advanced , user , work , automatically , reporting , group , sort , databases , connect , for , functions , users , alerts ,

 gee! Document Manager

The gee! Document Manager™ allows users to download important documents and information from your website. Some sample uses of this module include: Policy and Procedures downloads Form downloads Online Application downloads If you have a need to group Documents into collections, try our Document Collections module. All gee! modules utilize our Content Manager, which is an easy-to-use web content management interface to let the content editor maintain the information. gee! Web Tools™ work with websites created in ASP and PHP. Dreamweaver extensions and Frontpage add-ins are available to streamline your development.
Tags: download , web , editor , management , information , content , documents , module , work , into , interface , group , websites , sample , contentmanagement , maintain , users , available , extensions ,

 gee! Document Manager

The gee! Document Manager™ allows users to download important documents and information from your website. Some sample uses of this module include: Policy and Procedures downloads Form downloads Online Application downloads If you have a need to group Documents into collections, try our Document Collections module. All gee! modules utilize our Content Manager, which is an easy-to-use web content management interface to let the content editor maintain the information. gee! Web Tools™ work with websites created in ASP and PHP. Dreamweaver extensions and Frontpage add-ins are available to streamline your development.
Tags: download , web , editor , management , information , content , documents , module , work , into , interface , group , websites , sample , contentmanagement , maintain , users , available , extensions ,

 SMSC Connectivity SDK

This is a program which has the ability to develop an application to message mobiles from websites. This program provide support for SMS formats that includes group graphics, smart messages, ringing tones, flash SMS, 8bit binary, etc. Through direct SMSC links the SMS and EMS messages can be sent in a second. This program provide features for the users like delivery notifications, SMSC communication protocols, SMPP receiver and transmitter links facility, provide unicode support for Thai, Arabic and chinese languages.
Tags: flash , program , application , message , links , chinese , smart , messages , support , unicode , group , for , features , develop , users ,

 An Overview in Building Collections In ASP and Visual Basic Type ActiveX COM Objects

An Overview in Building Collections In ASP and Visual Basic Type ActiveX COM Objects is an article which deals with constructing the collection object which has group of component which has individual properties and methods. Here author describes about several uses of collections and the way to create collections.
Tags: create , component , collection , group , object , author , properties ,


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