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 SWF Extractor Free

This software can be used by the users as SWF decompiler to extract all uncompressed SWF files. It is easy to start its process by using its "Open and Extract all" button. It decompiles MP3 files and images from SWF and the users can have a facility to view all extracted resources by using a grid below the button.
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This XML based reporting solution can be used to query, view or manipulate data from any source. It creates interactive reports that can be easily created, designed and distributed in any environment. This enables better informed decisions through its easy to use reports integration features. Data from any source can be transformed and integrated into any application. The generated reports could be grid reports, free form reports, cross tabs, charts, columnar, summary and sub reports.
Tags: data , easy , form , view , source , reports , interactive , into , reporting , grid , solution , integration ,


ASGRID is webbased online database tool which can be integrated in any website for code generation of SQL server and oracle database application. This tool has various functions like controlling in development of intranet and internet, delete, add, edit, and copylines from the database, SQL update, delete and insert, providing more than 10 editable grid in the same page and many more.
Tags: database , tool , online , server , website , delete , development , code , page , oracle , intranet , grid , for , codegeneration , functions , generation , editable ,


AyloChart is an effective tool through which you can create charts with different colors in background gradient, points, lines, grid and bar. You can calculate ratio percentage using pie charts and average using line charts. Some key features of this tool are trend auto calculation, image mapping feature, image streaming to improve the performance, upload image format to file system etc., Online demo is available on the website.
Tags: file , image , tool , create , system , format , using , upload , auto , key , demo , background , colors , streaming , line , charts , grid , mapping , calculate , pie , features , improve , filesystem , available , average ,

 ASP/PHP Web Application Builder

Builds sophisticated, secure ASP/PHP Web Database Apps without programming, but unlike many wizards, it does not sacrifice flexibility for advanced users/programmers. With these applications you can add/search/edit/delete data in your web database. Data Entry forms have full vallidation, prevent alpha characters being entered in numeric fields, has a calendar for dates, and can lookup relational data in other tables. The security wizard lets you decide which user(s) have access to which tables/fields. For example, you may wish to allow anonymous users to search your product table, but you wouldn't want them to see the trade price, nor add/edit records. Customers may need to be allowed to update their own record, but not that of other customers. All these scenarios can be handled effortlessly. The search form allows multiple field searches, with full support for Equals, Contains, Begins With and Between type searches. The paged data grid allows ordering by a particular field. Using APWAB, novice users can create sophisticated web applications without any programming, whilst programmers have complete control over the templates and the finished code - it produces 100% pure ASP/PHP code - no server plugins are required. Using a companion product, it is possible to build a PHP web application using your existing Access database, that will run on a Linux/Unix server.
Tags: security , database , web , search , data , create , server , control , calendar , access , secure , code , application , using , form , forms , wizard , advanced , multiple , templates , run , support , lookup , build , update , type , grid , prevent , applications , product , anonymous , field , characters , datagrid , for , customers , users , trade , complete , alpha ,

 Component One Studio

Component One Studio script is an ASP.NET based tool which has several components that allows webmasters to create their own web application in few seconds. Component available with this tool are, web grid component, reporting component, web chart to display charts in both 2D and 3D model, web menus, web bars, web spell and component for e-commerce etc.,
Tags: web , tool , create , component , script , application , chart , display , components , reporting , charts , grid , spell , for , available ,

 Bind XML to .NET Controls

Bind XML to .NET Controls is an easy to learn tutorial through which programmers can get an idea about the method of binding XML data to the data grid with the help of web control. In this tutorial the author explains about the method of dispalying the binded data in the web pages using ASP.NET. The author explains this topic with the help of example source code for easy understanding.
Tags: web , data , easy , help , code , using , learn , source , sourcecode , tutorial , grid , pages , author , datagrid , for , webpages , method ,

 Editing a Data Grid Control

Editing a Data Grid Control is a tutorial for those who need to learn about how to edit the data of the data grid control. In this tutorial the author has explained the readers, how to define various templates of the datagrid control, create edit buttons and describes the method in the edit event of the button and it fires when the users clicks on it. This tutorial also shows you the method for creating delete and cancel buttons with a sample code to the users.
Tags: data , create , control , delete , edit , code , creating , learn , buttons , templates , button , tutorial , event , grid , author , datagrid , sample , for , users , method ,


XMLMaker is a code generator that can create DHTML Grid for general users and dynamic XML/XSLT-based Websites for developers in no time. DHTML Grid is a Web-based grid component based on DHTML behaviours and XML/XSLT, but no knowledges of XML/XSLT/DHTML is required to use the grid. Using the generated scripts, users can add, delete, edit, view and search records in the database easily on the Web. Grids can also be linked together on the same page to create powerful drill-down capabilities. Generated codes are fully customizable. Supports Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and any database with ADO or ODBC connectivity.
Tags: database , search , create , component , code , generator , view , page , dynamic , grid , for , records , users , powerful , codes , codegenerator ,


XMLMaker is a code generator that can create DHTML Grid for general users and dynamic XML/XSLT-based Websites for developers in no time. DHTML Grid is a Web-based grid component based on DHTML behaviours and XML/XSLT, but no knowledges of XML/XSLT/DHTML is required to use the grid. Using the generated scripts, users can add, delete, edit, view and search records in the database easily on the Web. Grids can also be linked together on the same page to create powerful drill-down capabilities. Generated codes are fully customizable. Supports Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and any database with ADO or ODBC connectivity.
Tags: database , search , create , component , code , generator , view , page , dynamic , grid , for , records , users , powerful , codes , codegenerator ,


ElegantJBeans is an online collection of several javabeans. You can use these components for various online applications etc.,such as UI, data binding, validation, accessing etc., Webmasters can create printable reports for both free and grid forms with images, header and footers along with calculated fields. ElegantJBeans supports networking beans like POP3 Client, SMTP client, FTP client, HTTP client and socket communications and can be used either visually or as codings. Key features include data analysis with charting solutions, data monitoring, support for tree and table component, platform independent
Tags: data , create , online , client , collection , analysis , tree , forms , table , components , reports , support , grid , platform , networking , applications , charting , for , features , socket , communications , dataanalysis ,

 FarPoint's Spread for Web Forms

FarPoint's Spread for Web Forms is a .NET based data grid controller component that enables the users to add, update and remove data from spreadsheet under .NET applications. Features included with this component are, it provides easy navigational controls, it has client side validation that send alert message to the user if any invalid data is found, it offers different controls like, pagination, sorting, customizable styles, multi-line headers, cell-spanning etc.
Tags: data , component , easy , remove , client , message , send , spreadsheet , user , alert , update , grid , controls , validation , datagrid , for , users ,

 EBA:GridList DHTML Control

EBA:Grid is the full-featured DHTML Grid Control for Internet Explorer, providing a rich and robust control for programmers who wish to allow their users to edit tabular data in a spreadsheet-like environment. Programmers can quickly develop powerful web applications Benefits Web Service Enabled Submit large, complex datasets directly from your web browser through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Get programming with EBA:Grid now A complete Grid programming control in a using a familiar HTML tag format. Mulitple Edit Masks and Dynamic Look-ups EBA:Grid allows programmers to specify unique edit masks for each grid column to allow users to enter text, numbers, dates, checkboxes as well as drop-down lists and customizable autocomplete textboxes. Leverage the power of XML The EBA:Grids bind to an XML data source that allows users to efficiently modify large datasets. The control keeps track of which cells have been modified so that network traffic is minimized during data transmission. Easy to embed Adding the EBA:Grids to your web page is as easy as adding a couple HTML Tags. Simply add the EBA:Grid tag anywhere in your web page to create powerful grid entry controls for your data. EBA:Grid provides users with a familiar interface for manipulating tabular data using their web browser. EBA Controls ensure higher quality code and shortened development time by modularizing the code and isolating the programmer from the underlying complexity of implementing the interface. Familiar HTML Tag Format EBA:Grid uses the familiar HTML Tag format together with XML to simplify the development of web applications. The resulting environment helps programmers to quickly build robust and sophisticated applications. DHTML - No java applets to load XML Data Driven Web Service Enabled Keyboard Navigation - Just like a spreadsheet! Fast Data Entry Customizable Data Masks - Text, Number, Date Auto-complete using your own datasource
Tags: web , network , data , create , time , control , java , browser , edit , easy , development , code , format , using , programming , page , source , track , traffic , webpage , tag , build , webbrowser , power , interface , grid , quality , autocomplete , programmer , controls , load , lists , environment , now , column , for , modify , embed , applets , develop , users , complete , powerful , modified ,

 Templates for Proc-Blaster

This Rapid Application Development tool is a code generator to develop a dynamic website from the scratch. It is template based automated tool associated with any scripting languages. Most enhanced features with this tool are, it generate code quickly to update, insert and delete, view records in a grid format, data can be managed through sql server, its easy to customize CSS, unique template can be used for individual actions. Useful tool for the webmasters.
Tags: tool , data , website , easy , sql , code , generator , view , generate , template , dynamic , scripting , customize , automated , grid , insert , for , features , records , develop , codegenerator ,


This applet supports display of a status text on the status bar of the browser window, adjust the image size between 1 to 100 and control the speed by adjusting the pixel increment values. This is a customizable grid image viewer that supports jpg files. When you click on the images, all images zoom in to full view. You may use this applet freely for all non-commercial web sites.
Tags: image , web , text , control , jpg , images , browser , viewer , speed , bar , display , applet , size , zoom , imageviewer , click , grid , for , adjust , pixel ,

 JSP-JSTL Transform Sortable Grid

This is a sortable decent looking grid to place results into. It provides a reusable facility to the user. The xslt template in this servlet includes several important parameters like hreflist, hideidentity etc and it can be used with many other languages. xmlSelect class returns a queries and JDBC database and the result are produced as an xml string. IT shows usage with few lines of code to employ by using JSTL transform tags.
Tags: database , xml , code , using , lines , class , template , grid , usage , xslt , transform ,

 Creating Data Bound Grid Dymanically - Using hidden labels to store additional data

Creating Data Bound Grid Dymanically -Using hidden labels to store additional data is a tutorial that helps you to learn about how to build the data grid control and insert the data in it from the database table. This tutorial provides a fully working sample source code to the users.
Tags: database , data , control , code , learn , source , store , sourcecode , hidden , build , tutorial , grid , insert , labels , datagrid , sample ,


This Java applet is a fully configurable board game that accepts your favorite images. You can win by connecting the same N specified objects horizontally, vertically, or diagonally against the computer. To play the game, just click within one grid cell to place your object. Computer will move next. To play a new game, click on the 'New' button. Click '?' to see the simple rule. Click "Resume" to resume play. Download and uncompress the file into your web site and can install it in your Web page.
Tags: game , file , web , play , computer , site , board , applet , boardgame , install , simple , resume , move , win , into , click , cell , grid , favorite , objects ,

 Prefessional Query Wizard

Professional Query Manager is a grafic design grid to create or modify an SQL statement for Select query. Support for Join Tables, group query and extended criteria. This extension work with ASP and PHP pages. It work like MS ACCESS with some small differences in the sintax.
Tags: create , design , query , small , work , extension , grid , group , for , modify ,

 DHTML Sortable Grid Control (With Form Elements)

This Script can sort on form elements and the elements are based on a grid. This sortable grid is a cross-browser 100% client side solution in JavaScript. The contents of the grid can also be submitted to the results page to view the form elements posted. With this JavaScript the user would not have to wait for a page to load again every time the sort was adjusted or process another query on the server.
Tags: time , client , form , view , page , query , user , process , grid , solution , sort , load , for , contents ,

 StreamlineDB - Gold

StreamlineDB - Gold is an efficient program capable of scripting codes for HTML forms. This system can manage all the content of your website through DNS-less database and uses a single file for the entire program. This web developement tool is designed with 3-levels of site security with which webmasters would be able to login all website visitors. Webmasters would be able to include static drop down boxes on their forms with unique 'VCR' control to navigate grid control. Key features include built in CSS management, reserved word detection, date range searching etc.,
Tags: file , security , database , web , tool , program , control , system , word , website , site , manage , date , forms , content , scripting , login , grid , drop , searching , for , features , boxes , navigate , codes , static ,

 Using code-behind to create a DataGrid Control

Using code-behind to create a DataGrid Control is an article in which author deals with the process of creating the data grid, which itself creates template columns and bounded columns. This tutorial specially concentrates on method of retrieving the datagrid control to the form from the data grid, the author explains about method of calling this data grid control programmatically.
Tags: data , create , control , creating , form , process , template , tutorial , grid , columns , author , datagrid , method ,

 Exporting a DataGrid to an Excel file

Exporting a DataGrid to an Excel file is an tutorial in which author discusses about render control method which helps in transferring data from excel data grid to excel file with the help of ASP.NET application. Here author explains about the HTML text writer, string writer and response object that helps in executing the above said process and also the author explains the sample code with example.
Tags: file , data , text , excel , control , help , code , process , tutorial , grid , writer , object , string , author , datagrid , sample , method ,

 Swish max

This program can be used by the users as a flash building tool on their websites. It comes with 230 new effects and scripting language to work with its content and input forms. It has several features like providing advanced shape editing options, presenting powerful drawing tools, auto shaping, giving options for alignment, snapping, guide and grid etc., to let the users to create their own flash animation.
Tags: tool , flash , program , create , language , auto , effects , content , advanced , drawing , editing , scripting , work , grid , options , input , for , features , shape , guide , users , powerful , building ,


VBeXpress.NET is a web based .NET application in C# which generates code automatically from existing databases. Through this tool users can generate various data access applications and database management applications. It offers various features like providing functionalities of winforms and webform applications for supporting inline data-aware grid searching and editing, supporting C#, VB.NET, XML, XSL, SQL etc, provide predefined code from the library, providing more than 200 code generating templates and more.
Tags: database , web , tool , data , management , access , code , application , generate , templates , automatically , databasemanagement , grid , applications , searching , for , features , webbased , users , winforms ,

 Building a data grid using ADO.NET and SQL Server

Building a data grid using ADO.NET and SQL Server is a tutorial which explains you how ADO.NET objects are used to fetch the data from the database table and binds the data to the datagrid control. In this article the author creates DataAdapter and DataSet objects, fills the dataset object using the fill method of the DataAdapter, set the DataSource property of the datagrid control to DataSet and finally calls the DataBind() to integrate the data to the datagrid control.
Tags: database , data , control , using , table , set , tutorial , grid , object , author , fill , property , datagrid , objects , method ,


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