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This is an online tool bar that can be used to download music files, images, movies from any website to their local desktop. Users can filter unwanted images like, advertisements, banner etc by using image filter. This program has the ability to preview pictures and to capture movies and other content from MP3 files, Zip files etc. This program creates galleries for grabbed images automatically. This program has several features like, ability to organize movie playlists, ability to download files etc.
Tags: download , image , tool , music , program , online , files , images , website , pictures , capture , movie , filter , using , movies , organize , bar , content , preview , banner , local , galleries , for , features ,

 EasySnaps is the next generation of image hosting service which allows you to have private, semi private and public image galleries. Customize the galleries change skins, frames, slide shows, editing tools, or add music to provide your personality. Get feedback from your visitors with guestbook option. All these for free
Tags: image , music , service , change , slide , private , editing , galleries , for , public , generation , hosting ,

 The Alienhelpdesk Bulletin Board

The alienhelp desk bb is a simple bulletin board based on Php without requring a Mysql data base but when running on a UNIX platform requries the ability to chmod a file.Being a simple board it has no forums to post topics and the entire system is managed by the galleries and articler.This board can have only a single administrator and three class of users like member,guest and administrator.
Tags: data , system , board , class , administrator , simple , platform , galleries , post , base , users , desk ,


GalleryNET is an easy to use tool which generates thumbnails automatically whenever an image is added to the gallery. You can create your own thumbnails. This tool supports template to provide html output. You can view images as well as galleries using objects such as GalleryGrid and GalleryImage.
Tags: image , html , tool , create , images , easy , using , view , template , thumbnails , automatically , galleries , objects ,

 ap tgp²

The ap tgp is an online image gallery PHP script which helps you in creating your gallery with automatically generated thumbnails and maintains the tgp gallery effectively. This latest version has advanced features like Auto harvest which harvest galleries from other TGPs in a flick of a second; Bulk add galleries which loads and auto-thumb worklist based on category etc. The template manager customizes the submission responses, e-mail confirmation response and much more. The script also supports ad management with which you can run ads in your web page thereby increasing your revnues. Other features includes ordering galleries based on popularity, by weight, provides statistics to all registered webmasters and much more.
Tags: image , web , online , manager , management , creating , script , page , statistics , auto , gallery , advanced , webpage , ads , template , run , thumbnails , automatically , version , galleries , submission , features ,

 aw3 Gallery

aw3 Gallery is a program that helps the user to generate their own photo galleries by categorizing them. Allow visitors to view the photos in the gallery and through admin access provides single voting system for the visitors. It has features like zooming pictures, providing description and title for uploaded images, protected online administration, add pictures to new category and few other.
Tags: photo , program , online , photos , system , access , pictures , view , generate , gallery , admin , user , galleries , for , features , protected ,

 Full Screen Image Gallery Pro2

The Full Screen Image Gallery, as its name suggests, allows you to view the pictures in your online gallery in full screen. This PHP based script helps you in creating an automatic and web based gallery. It supports image captions and provides improved navigation to the top and bottom of the webpage and also you can view the pictures in slideshow. Other features in this script include: uploading images either through FTP or web based; able to rotate images, create and delete galleries etc. This script also works with files like PNG, JPG, GIF, TTF and PDF. An online demo is also available in the website.
Tags: screen , image , web , create , online , files , images , delete , pictures , creating , script , automatic , view , navigation , demo , gallery , name , rotate , galleries , features , fullscreen , webbased , available , top ,

 Full Screen Image Gallery pro2

Full screen image gallery pro2 is a PHP based application to display digital images in full screen, that is in the original image size. Feature highlights are, supporting multiple galleries and images, image captions with improved navigation, control your images via Graphic user interface and easy installation. This works with PNG,JPG,GIF,Tiff,TTF and PDF files. An online demo is available on the website. User friendly application for webmasters.
Tags: screen , image , online , control , images , easy , digital , application , display , demo , gallery , multiple , user , original , interface , galleries , for , available , userinterface ,

 PHP JackKnife Image Gallery

Complete image display system including auto-thumbailing, image upload, rating, searching, unlimited galleries and images, private & locked galleries, bulk import via ftp, products display, alternate images, unlimited categories, My Galleries page, image referencing and much more! PHP & MSSQL/MySQL & Win/*nix.
Tags: image , system , import , display , bulk , private , galleries , locked ,

 Eden Gallery

With the help of this PHP built online application you can create and manage image galleries on your website with several categories. You can easily upload images and photos online through this script and you have the facility to add unlimited number of categories for your gallery through the admin control panel. This program is simple and easy to handle.
Tags: image , program , create , online , control , images , photos , website , easy , help , script , application , manage , upload , gallery , admin , simple , number , galleries , for ,

 Franciscocharrua's Photo Gallery

Franciscocharrua's Photo Gallery is an advanced image gallery program helping you to generate online galleries with thumbnails. This program supports JPEG image formats and saves all your images in a MySQL database. Using this system you can upload all your images online for the gallery and this simple program is easy to use and to customize.
Tags: image , program , online , images , system , easy , upload , generate , gallery , advanced , simple , galleries , for ,

 The Gallery

This image gallery script is simple and helps webmasters to create and manage photo galleries online. This script can create automatic thumbnails for your images and simultaneously saves them on a new folder for later use. You can even include and facilitate your customers with slide shows with the images through this program.
Tags: image , photo , create , images , folder , script , automatic , manage , gallery , slide , simple , thumbnails , galleries , for , customers ,

 Genealogy Enhancement Tools Multi Sound Edition

This is an image gallery creation tool with which you will be able to create and manage genealogy photo album of your family on your website. This tool can be used by those who want to attach multiple audio files to a picture. The main features that are available with this tool supports to burn galleries to a CD, allows you to take prints directly from the program, attach multiple written descriptions to a photo, ability to change the background color of the gallery and much more.
Tags: image , tool , audio , photo , create , files , color , burn , family , manage , change , album , gallery , multiple , background , photoalbum , galleries , creation , genealogy , features , available , attach ,

 Genealogy Enhancement Tools Pro

Genealogy Enhancement Tools Pro allows you to create and maintain digital picture albums or galleries with digital archieves or with scanned images. The features that are available in this professional edition allows you to burn galleries to CD to share them with family and friends, ability to print images directly from the gallery, ability to attach audio to the cover of the digital album, customizable background area and much more. You can view the sample gallery on the website.
Tags: audio , picture , create , images , print , digital , burn , view , family , gallery , background , share , professional , area , galleries , cover , sample , features , edition , maintain , albums , available , attach ,

 GMP iBuySpy Image Gallery

This is a iBuySpy Image Gallery Module that facilitates users to create a full-featured image gallery. This program comes with the ability to create thumbnails in an automatic manner and provides facilities for an easier gallery management. Users can utilize this program to build and manage image galleries with any number of images.
Tags: image , program , create , automatic , manage , gallery , number , thumbnails , build , galleries , for , users ,

 Gorani Photo Album

Gorani Photo Album is a simple and effective script using which you can generate and manage image galleries with slide shows. Using this software admin would be able to create thumbnail views for all their images with photo quality specifications. Several colour themes and templates are available to enrich your presentations and admin has the ability to sort and order all photos in the gallery and are provided with password protected directories.
Tags: software , image , password , photo , create , images , photos , script , using , thumbnail , manage , generate , gallery , slide , templates , admin , simple , themes , quality , presentations , galleries , sort , colour , for , protected , available ,

 HaloSites - Church Site

Those who want to construct a small chruch site, can access this remotely hosted package. You can include many aspects into the church plan like prayer request manager, event manager, online bible tools, email accounts, search bar and daily verse etc. Also, allows you to insert pictures, galleries into site pages. You can customize the appearance of the site pages easily without any programming skill.
Tags: email , search , online , access , site , programming , bar , small , plan , bible , into , church , customize , event , pages , insert , galleries , daily , construct ,


View-IT! can be used to display your photographs or scanned images of any type and uploading them in a 3 dimensional website design. These galleries can be downloaded quickly and will suit well to display full sized images. You can edit all the eight designs in a single interface. The benefits of using these galleries allows you to preview your work, automatic resizing of images, and much more.
Tags: images , website , edit , using , automatic , display , type , preview , galleries , photographs , resizing ,

 Capture TGP New Gallery

Capture the new gallery listing of 10 popular TGP sites, save and format it in html file, PLUS get the first thumb image of each gallery pages, resized, analyzed and display. Instead of displaying the description, it will display the actual thumb image of the gallery. -- FEATURES --: Capture the latest Gallery listing of 10 popular TGP sites, Spider the gallery page and get the first thumb image, Resize and create a thumb image that point to the gallery page, Analyze if its a Movie/Video or picture gallery, it will write Movie/Video for movie/video gallery., Setup the number of thumb to display, and number of rows, It will create a file named with format mm-dd-yyyy (mm-dd-yyyy is the current date) and its a HTML format, No database needed, only 2 PHP files, You can put it to cron-job to schedule to run every midnight so you will have fresh and new thumb galleries everyday, PLUS, setup a blind links if you want to change some URL to redirect to other site.
Tags: file , image , html , database , picture , create , write , schedule , format , save , page , change , display , gallery , links , number , run , galleries , popular , for , listing , point ,


APG is a powerful image gallery software that allows webmasters to organize their online image galleries through panels like image uploader, image browser and image preview viewer. Using this online software you can also save descriptions and meta datas for all images in the gallery, but in a seperate database. The advanced free maker based gallery styles allows admin to generate HTML based images from the templates. Some of the important features inlcude image scaling, image annotations with descriptions, image manipulations, ability to upload images on CD's etc.,
Tags: software , image , online , images , maker , browser , save , organize , upload , generate , gallery , advanced , admin , preview , galleries , for , features , meta , powerful ,


The DynapicSE is a simple script for creating an image gallery written using PHP and requires no database. It generates thumbnail pictures of the original images automatically. Other features includes customizable appearance, with next and prev links for easy navigation through pages, supports to have unlimited number of thumbnail galleries and much more.
Tags: image , images , pictures , easy , creating , script , using , thumbnail , navigation , gallery , links , simple , number , original , galleries , for , features ,

 Swiftdev | Swift Developers Resource

Swiftdev is a community dedicated to Swift3D. We have support forums, tutorials, downloads, galleries as well as a ton of information regarding Swift3D.
Tags: information , support , galleries , community ,


This is a simple and effective image gallery built with PHP. You can create online galleries for your website and list all images of your archives under several categories. You can even generate user registeration programs for the visitors to view the images of your gallery. There are also provisions for putting up slide shows for all your photos and images of your gallery. This PHP program uses MySQL database as the backend to store all images of your gallery.
Tags: image , database , program , create , online , images , photos , website , programs , list , view , generate , gallery , slide , store , user , simple , galleries , for , archives , Randomizer Basic

This program is helpful for the webmasters to change or display images or articles on their website frequently. This basic account offers, image control panel to upload, rename, create thumbnail etc., it allows users to create image galleries for ebay, display and change the images randomly and also it displays realtime statistics of all the images. Dynamically create galleries to show off your images and pick which images you want to put with the script etc.
Tags: image , program , create , control , images , website , script , thumbnail , change , statistics , show , display , basic , account , galleries , for , articles , users , pick ,

 Comus Thumbs TGP Management

Comus Thumbs is a simple thumbnail gallery management system that excels itself in providing much advanced advertising technologies and powerful layout controls for your websites. You can even promote sales, increase your network and get more sponsors. There are several enhanced features like multi thumb sizes, custom and hidden categories, abilty to split and control your galleries etc,. All the image gallery listing are provided with static HTML's so that image loadings are very fast even for large websites. Bulk gallery scan tools are also made available by the software with which users can also scan moving pictures too. Using this script you can customize thumbnail tables in their size, borders, cell spaces and paddings.
Tags: software , image , network , control , management , system , pictures , tools , scan , fast , script , split , thumbnail , gallery , advanced , hidden , custom , simple , customize , advertising , cell , galleries , layout , controls , multi , for , features , users , increase , listing , available , powerful , moving , static ,


EasyPictureGallery is an easy to use tool which generates thumbnail automatically whenever an image is added to the gallery. You can create your own thumbnails. This tool provides security to the galleries by means of password and it generates an XML based image details file automatically during the creation of image gallery. You can change the image captions, tiltle etc., of the images in the gallery using this tool.
Tags: file , security , image , tool , password , create , images , easy , using , thumbnail , change , gallery , automatically , galleries , creation ,

 Pigalle - a picture gallery

Pigalle - a picture gallery has a collection of PHP coded modules that are mostly useful in generating and maintaining picture galleries with an album. Allows you to upload any number of photos to your server and description details can be stored with back-end source like MysQL, PostreSQL, etc., Supports customization with layouts, display order, skins, templates etc., Images can be rotated. Multiple albums can be included and can be sorted by date, name, modified date, etc., BBcode is supported with description.
Tags: picture , server , photos , collection , upload , source , display , gallery , templates , number , galleries , useful , albums , modified ,

 ReaGallery Pro

ReaGallery Pro is an image manipulation tool that allows you to create instant web galleries by automatically searching for images on your image folders, edits them and create HTML pages and uploads to your website. It is designed with templates for easy integration with your website. Other features of this tool includes the ability to add sound files to images or pictures, customizable page layouts and style sheets and much more.
Tags: image , web , tool , create , files , images , sound , easy , page , templates , instant , automatically , pages , galleries , style , searching , for , features , integration ,

 DotNetGallery - A Robust ASP.NET Image Gallery

DotNetGallery is an ASP.NET server control designed for easy displaying image galleries in the aspx pages. It is a file-based , dynamic, image gallery. It is also a highly configurable application that automatically generates fast thumbnail indexes of a folder structure. This robust ASP.NET Image Gallery can be integrated seamlessly with the Microsoft® IBuySpy Portal sample, DotNetNuke, or your own .NET applications. You can use DotNetGallery to quickly develop great looking slide shows and photo gallery. It is also effortless to implement . All you need to do is put DotNetGallery.dll into your project bin folder. All the images and pop-up files will be extracted from dll automatically when the first hit comes to the page. Features: Completely automated dynamic gallery creation finds all of the Images in the directory and builds the gallery display according to your settings Albums support title, description, cover image and thumbnail view of contents Automatically creates thumbnails of all your images and places them in the same directory You decide how you want the galleries to appear, including being able to set such things as...Thumbnail width and height. Support for auto ratio Number of thumbnails to be displayed per row Number of thumbnails to be displayed per column Border, width, spacing, and color of the gallery tables Ability to resize the upload images
Tags: image , photo , server , files , control , images , folder , easy , fast , color , application , dll , project , view , thumbnail , directory , upload , resize , auto , display , gallery , slide , support , thumbnails , dynamic , set , into , automatically , automated , galleries , cover , creation , for , bin , develop ,

 PHP Image Host

Php Image Host lets you run a free and paid image hosting business. * Fully automated - user signups and subscription payments, bandwidth monitoring, limiting accounts is all automated. * Powerful image hosting features. Your users can upload multiple images at once, rename, resize and delete their images,view thumbnails together with linking code & create galleries. * Fully-featured admin control panel. Admin control panel lets you manage site settings, members, payments and uploaded images. Set file upload, image size, storage space and monthly bandwidth limits for free and paid accounts. * Build traffic and revenue. Automatically add your own branding message / watermark to images uploaded by your members - every time a member shares an image, they are advertising your service. Display banner ads on every page of your site and on users' image galleries with the built-in banner ad manager. * Unlimited free upgrades to new versions of the script.
Tags: file , image , create , time , control , images , delete , space , code , site , message , page , manage , upload , resize , traffic , multiple , admin , user , ads , run , bandwidth , thumbnails , watermark , accounts , storage , advertising , automated , banner , galleries , shares , for , users , hosting , monthly ,


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