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 IIS Log Manager

This software is basically built in ASP that performs to calculate the bandwidth of a website in a monthly basis and store the report in a database. Users can easily retrieve the report about usage of bandwidth per domain from the database and also the users can delete the report from the database. The backend log managers works under windows scheduler environment. Features included with this program are, bandwidth per site calculations and bandwidth per reseller, after process users can compress the log files, results are displayed in front end of the web page etc.,
Tags: software , windows , database , web , program , website , delete , site , report , log , compress , page , scheduler , webpage , store , process , bandwidth , domain , retrieve , calculate , usage , users , monthly ,


This is a software which provides webmasters an one stop solution in creating flash menu system for their flash website. It is a flash template based system and it supports meta tag for optimising search engine submissions. It comes with HTML background color setting and background music. It allows large number of text contents as menu pages and it proceedes an easy insertion of links or popup windows to external URL or files. And it has more features to let the webmasters to develop flash menu for navigation or flash website.
Tags: software , windows , search , flash , text , menu , system , easy , color , creating , navigation , links , tag , background , template , engine , number , stop , searchengine , pages , solution , for , features , develop , meta , flashmenu , contents ,

 Merlin, Desktop Edition

With the help of Merlin, Desktop Edition users can install perl, Mysql and php for linux and windows. Users can get tools to build database applications based on web. Linux distribution supports Redhat Linux and also includes Perl msql-mysql-modules. Php supports LDAP, XML, IMAP and GD on linux machine. Windows supports Perl data showTables, mod_php and phpMyAdmin.
Tags: windows , database , data , tools , help , php , mysql , linux , install , build , distribution , applications , for , users ,

 ActiveInsert new

Quickly and conveniently insert text and other objects into almost any application directly from its own window, saving a lot of time and effort. ActiveInsert is always there when you need it. No need to laboriously switch between windows to transfer information. Common uses include: completing online forms; standard e-mail replies; phrases and paragraphs; form letters; e-mail/newsgroup signatures; personal details; HTML templates; and images.
Tags: windows , text , time , online , application , transfer , form , personal , into , insert , switch , objects , standard ,


WMFEncoder is a streaming media application which allows users to encode media files. This program is combined with OCX and Active X COM, to encode windows media formats. This has features like with flexible platform, reduced development cycle, with reliable and robust feature. This application is very easy for installing in the system. An online demo is available on this website.
Tags: windows , program , online , easy , development , application , media , demo , encode , streaming , windowsmedia , for , features , users , available ,

 Internet File Explorer

Internet File Explorer is an online file manipulation program written in ASP enabling webmasters to have full control over their files through the browser. This program comes with an intuitive interface similar to the one like windows file explorer so that you can integrate it on a secure HTTPS web site. You can share and manage all your files and folders remotely through any web browser.
Tags: windows , file , web , program , online , files , control , secure , explorer , folders , manage , share , interface ,

 AbyssLabs.Environment Component

This is a server side program and a component where the users can access windows variables from the programming environment which supports COM. Features like users can get a list of the variables name, value of the variable can be obtained by the variable name, users can also get the total number of variables. This program is useful for the webmasters and the users.
Tags: windows , program , server , component , access , list , programming , number , value , environment , for , useful , users ,

 DHTML File Explorer v1.1

IE File Explorer is a free DHTML based real-time file system exploration tool built on Internet Explorer's powerful XSLT and XMLHTTP capabilities. Asychronous server-side navigation - no need for page refreshes. Achieved through XMLHTTP Requests. Intelligent real-time type-sensitive sorting - column based. Dynamically resizable columns for convenient viewing of folders. Windows-style file icons. Combobox address bar. Easily manage and navigate files and folders in a familiar windows interface through Internet Explorer using only JavaScript. This component is free and open source.
Tags: windows , file , tool , files , component , system , using , address , folders , navigation , page , manage , open , interface , columns , column , for , filesystem , navigate , powerful ,

 Ace Popup Maker Software

Ace Popup Maker Software is an effective software for both the experience and new comers to develop a very reliable windows for incorporation in your web pages. It can also test the codes instantly which saves a lot of time in modifying and re-doing many complex tasks. Ace Popup Maker Software requires IE5.0 or later and Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000 to work. This is a freeware and can be downloaded for free.
Tags: software , windows , freeware , web , time , test , for , develop , codes ,

 Ace Generation 3 Popup Wizard

Ace Generation 3 Popup Wizard is a JavaScript that can be implemented in your web page to create popup windows that pops up when the user clicks on a link or when a new page is loaded or when a button on the page is pressed. You can control the height and width of the window and also configure the target URL or the page that has to be displayed in it. The other customizable options include the toolbar, scrollbars, extent of the details to be displayed etc.
Tags: windows , web , create , control , page , link , window , webpage , user , button , options , configure ,

 Ace FREE JavaScripts

Ace FREE JavaScripts is site with a collection of a lot of JavaScripts that can be used in your web pages for free. These scripts are arranged as per the job they do and will prove as an asset to any web programmer. Offers a range of products on windows and frames, mouse effects, date and time, background effects, scrollbar, titlebar & Status bar, User information, form elements and much more.
Tags: windows , web , site , collection , form , scripts , date , mouse , background , job , pages , for , webpages , asset ,

 Read and write windows INI files in VBS?

Read and write windows INI files in VBS? is an easy to understand online article for all webmasters who have installed hosted applications on their systems. From this tutorial you will come to know how to read formatted Windows INI files using VBS functions with scripting.filesystemobject. You are also provided with example codes to modify, to get private profile string, to parse, read and write INI files.
Tags: windows , online , files , easy , write , using , private , read , tutorial , applications , formatted , profile , for , functions , codes ,

 Any Screen Capture

Any Screen Capture is an useful multimedial tool that has the ability to grab screenshot from windows desktop. This program will help you to capture screenshots, menu bar and cascaded menu, DVD movie frames, game screens etc., and copies all those captures in a clipboard. This program supports PNG, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, GIF formats and provides different modes of grab areas for the capturing. You can then edit, save and print your captures through this program with a simple interface.
Tags: game , windows , tool , program , menu , print , capture , movie , help , save , screenshot , bar , grab , simple , for , useful , menubar ,

 Aprelium Abyss Web Server

This is a free personal web server for windows and linux operating systems. It allows features such as access control support, password protected paths, users and groups management, access control rules; SSI support, custom error pages, enhanced CGI execution layer; updated server engine; updated documentation And many more. It supports HTTP/1.1, dynamic content generation through CGI/1.1 scripts, SSI, custom error pages, and access control. With its usage hosting of web site and your PHP, Perl, or ASP scripts very easy and fast.
Tags: windows , web , password , server , control , access , easy , site , scripts , personal , linux , error , content , custom , webserver , dynamic , accesscontrol , documentation , usage , for , features , protected , users , generation , hosting ,

 i Zoom by ArtistScope

This system provides service in zooming images to display very enlarged images in a small window. It helps users in displaying effective GIF and JPG images with the help of the mouse click. In this program it is easy to customize image sizes and windows and installation is very simple.
Tags: windows , image , program , images , system , easy , help , service , mouse , display , small , customize , installation , users ,


This is a program where the users can determine the memory available, system operating system and virtual memory with ASP. This program is capable of working on MS windows operating system. Features like troubleshooting, file support, users can have an activeX DLL registration facility etc. This server application is compatible with PWS, IIS 3, IIS 4 and IIS 5.
Tags: windows , file , program , server , system , application , memory , virtual , users , registration ,

 ASP MagicCrypt Component

This is a security program where the users can hash, encode and decode strings. This program does not have any algorithm or technologies instead it works with existing cryptography service providers on windows NT. This program can encrypt and decrypt keyword. This application encrypts and decrypts file or string with another string. The keyword can be imported and exported to and from file. This program can be integrated with any custom web application.
Tags: windows , file , security , web , program , encrypt , application , service , encode , custom , decrypt , decode , keyword , string , cryptography , users , algorithm ,

 WebMailer:Sending 1000s of emails from a web page without timing out.

This article tells us about sending more emails from any web page. This is demonstrated for the user along with providing a status page to check the status of the mail user. A multi-threaded windows service is used to send any number of emails from any site. This article also displays the code of executing more mails at a time without timeouts and scripts.
Tags: windows , web , mail , time , code , check , service , page , send , emails , user , number , for , us , sending ,


Aspose.BarCode is a windows Forms component which allows developers to quickly and easily add barcode generating functionality to Microsoft .Net applications. Aspose.Barcode supports most established barcode standards and barcode specifications. It has the ability to export to multiple image formats including: BMP, EMF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and WMF. With Aspose.Barcode developers have full control over every aspect of the bar code image including: background color, bar color, image quality, rotation angle, x-dimension, captions, customer defined resolution and more.The latest version provided a barcode solution for Asp.Net Web forms; etc.
Tags: windows , image , component , control , export , barcode , code , bar , forms , multiple , background , customer , version , solution , resolution , for , rotation ,


Aspose.iCalendar is a .NET class library providing classes and algorithms useful for time-oriented Recurrence Patterns, or schedules. With it, you can: Easily and reliably calculate occurrence dates and times for even the most complex recurrence patterns; Consume and produce recurrence patterns in iCalendar (RFC 2445) format; Create recurrence patterns programmatically via an intuitive object model; Use yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, minutely and secondly recurrence patterns; Represent recurce patterns in your windows or web application.The latest version created better Winforms and ASP.NET demos;ect.
Tags: windows , web , library , class , version , calculate , object , for , patterns , useful , dates ,


Zorbstat is useful for counting total number of visitors, total number of hits per day, per hour, this month, this year etc., It shows the statistical details like, what type of operating systems whether it is windows platform or linux or unix or other, from which country, number of hits per page, the type of browser etc., It also displays the current hits.
Tags: windows , browser , linux , number , unix , type , year , platform , for , useful , counting , systems ,

 OnTime 2004 Web Services SDK

This is a solution that can be used to create bug reporting application on exising web or windows applications for software testing personals. Web developers would be able to generate customized win form applications to submit bugs and web pages. They can integrate bug reporting feature into their existing applications. Software developers can store data in their OnTime database and can manipulate, read or update them using web service APIs.
Tags: software , windows , database , web , data , create , application , using , form , service , generate , store , read , testing , win , into , update , reporting , submit , bug , solution , applications , feature , for , webservice ,

 Installing PHP 4.x under windows 2003 server with IIS 6.0 instructions

Installing PHP 4.x under windows 2003 server with IIS 6.0 instructions, is a tutorial helping users with the installation of php on a windows 2003 server. The installtion procedure is detailed with necessary screenshots making it a breeze for users. After the installation necessary configurations are done and test files are run to check.
Tags: windows , server , files , php , test , run , tutorial , installation , for , users ,

 Handling the "Permission Denied" Error

This ASP course gives useful tips to manipulate the Permission Denied error while accessing reading writing functions with file system. Implements the VBscript techniques and uses the server side objects to open and read / write files. And provides the methods and parameters to handle file system through ASP. Offers the tips to access internet files by setting windows internet explorer properties.
Tags: windows , internet , file , server , files , system , access , explorer , write , internetexplorer , error , open , read , reading , tips , writing , functions , useful , objects , filesystem , course ,

 BFN Chat Servers

Full chat solution for any web page. Includes java applet for web page use, as well as a windows client. Admin controls, nick registration, banning, access delegation, private messages, multiple rooms, auto joining, and more. No Ads.
Tags: windows , web , java , access , chat , page , auto , applet , webpage , multiple , private , solution , javaapplet , for ,

 Bokai Barcode Image generator

This tool is used for barcode generator and which has an ActiveX control for printing barcodes. This tool contains more than twenty five barcode types. This tool supports only ActiveX control programs. Users can customize barcode parameters and design of barcodes etc., It easily transfers a barcode image to other applications and users can save a barcode as an image file. This tool supports Jpeg, png, windows meta files, bmp etc.
Tags: windows , image , tool , control , bmp , design , barcode , generator , save , printing , barcodes , customize , applications , for , users , meta ,

 BPS Popup, Cookie and Ad Shield

BPS Popup, Cookie and Ad Shield is a powerful web servicing program written in PHP. Obviously you can use this program to restrict and prevent banner ads that consume a lot of band width. While you surf through the web pages this program concurrently runs behind your windows preventing popup intruders and ads. Some of the important features are light weight, tracks spying cookies, ability to suppress bandwidth sucking banner ads, multiple language support and ability to block and kill ads while increasing the surfing speed. This program works with all types of web browsers.
Tags: windows , web , program , language , block , multiple , ads , restrict , support , bandwidth , tracks , banner , pages , prevent , surfing , surf , webpages , features , powerful , light ,

 Advanced Installer

Advanced Installer is a powerful tool with which you can install MSI packages with latest MS logo certification. Using this development tool webmasters would be able to manage their software applications through this installation package. With this program users can easily modify, upgrade, remove programs in windows based environments. The project files are stored in XML format and also enables users to work on command lines. This is an easy to use program that is simple in its integration providing intuitive interface for all users using this program.
Tags: software , windows , tool , program , files , easy , programs , development , remove , format , using , project , manage , install , simple , work , command , installation , interface , applications , logo , for , users , integration , powerful ,

 Excel Server

An Excel information system built with excel, mysql and windows OS. This program can be used to fetch data within an internal information system. Authorized users can fetch data's in a LAN and users can querry data's through a net connection. This program used the MS SQL Server2000 as the database and can be used on both LAN and WAN.
Tags: windows , database , program , data , system , information , mysql , users ,

 Open 2 Popup Windows at Once

This is an article where the users are taught about opening the two popup windows at a same time. This tutorial provide details to the users that they can perform editing window parameters for opening the popup windows with the specifications that varies. The author says that they can add more number of popup windows according to their wish. This tutorial provide code snippet for the users who can manage popups on their websites.
Tags: windows , code , manage , window , editing , number , popups , tutorial , author , for , users , codesnippet ,


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