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XML Syntax - Quick Reference  XML Syntax - Quick Reference

 XML Syntax - Quick Reference as the name indicates is an useful guide for those working on XML programs. You can learn the code and syntax formats for scripting XML codes and programs. The author has explained in details the method of declaring the variables, passing instructions, how to comment on the codes, the available XML entities like indicators, connectors etc.,...

RSS Latest News  RSS Latest News

 This is an useful application which increases your web site traffic. Using this application you can add news on various categories such as human resources, computers & software, telecommunications, healthcare, financial services, energy & environment etc., online. This application uses the RSS breakthrough technology for adding the news online....
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DevGuru XSLT Quick Reference Guide  DevGuru XSLT Quick Reference Guide

 This is a comprehensive 101-page reference source for all of the elements and functions that compose the eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT) language version 1.0. This Quick Reference features real working code examples which were tested using the Microsoft XML parser version 3.0....

XMLDOM Quick Reference Guide  XMLDOM Quick Reference Guide

 This is a valuable 239 page reference detailing all the interfaces deemed by W3C to be basic to any implementation of the DOM (including HTML), as well as XML-specific interfaces and Microsoft`s own, further extensions to the Document Object Model. Each object is fully described with working examples that clearly illustrate how its properties and methods (and in the case of Microsoft`s extension, event handlers) can be used to manipulate actual XML documents....

DevGuru XHTML Quick Reference Guide  DevGuru XHTML Quick Reference Guide

 This is a handy 180 page reference source that defines and explains all of the tags, events, and associated attributes that compose XHTML (eXtensible Hyper Text Markup Language, version 1.0. This Quick Reference also includes useful, real world, working examples of code for each tag. In addition, there are write-ups, with code examples, for the 17 events and another 7 attributes that are commonly available to many tags....

Raymond Coats  Raymond Coats

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