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Random links

Site Pro Website Rotator  Site Pro Website Rotator

 You can use this remotely hosted random links rotator to enhance and promote both your website URL's and your referral URL's. This program can redirect all your visitors to a different webpage from the same URL. You can give unlimited number of website URL's to get randomized every time when a visitor surfs your website.... Random Link Random Link

 Want to give your sites visitors a surprise and adventure? A random link script is just the thing for you then. A random link script lets you add different links into a database, and then when a visitor on your site clicks on the link you have there, it takes them to a random URL....

BFN Random Links  BFN Random Links

 Add a random link to your website. The link is selected from a custom list of links you add to our database. You can also set probability and track the number of times a link has been selected. No ads.... Random Links Random Links

 Free remotely hosted random links for your site, you can display up to 50 random links. Plus many more CGI scripts....

CGI For Me: Random Link  CGI For Me: Random Link

 This simple CGI SCRIPT will open a file with all the links you have specified, pick a random link, and then redirect the user to that link in a matter of seconds....

HostedScripts Random Link  HostedScripts Random Link

 Allow your visitors to visit a random Web page through a link. It features: Easily Add/Remove Links through the administration area, and When a user clicks on your random link he will be redirected to a random destination from the list of links entered....

SITE PRO : FREE Website Rotator Service  SITE PRO : FREE Website Rotator Service

 SITE PRO Web Rotator is an optimum FREE service that allows you to put all your affiliate websites or your own websites and promote them with just ONE url. The registration will take just 1 minutes and it`s TOTALLY FREE. After your signup you will see the control panel where you will insert all your websites. You can control the weight for the rotation of these websites. This means that you can set which of these URLs will be displayed more often or less often. There is no limitation to the websites you can enter. This is a 100% FREE and UNLIMITED URLs service. Already 2785 members (counted on 22-Sep-2004)...

ARH Free URL Rotator  ARH Free URL Rotator

 Free and pro memberships. Join free and rotate unlimited links from just one url. Add all your affiliate/website links and promote just one link!...

Random Link  Random Link

 Add up to 20 pages or websites to the list, add the code to your site and a random link will display each time the page is loaded. Option to open sites in a new window! Links can be changed or edited without having to change the code on your website! Great for making your site dynamic and more interesting!...



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